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Finally, it’s easy to keep your cool when the world goes volcanic and melts hockey pucks. Chill-Its® provide many ways to suck it up when the heat rages and sweat starts to pour. If nature turns up the heat, don’t sweat it. You can always turn to Chill-Its® to bring a frosty layer of comfort to any workplace inferno.
Cooling Absorptive
6500 Terry Elastic Wristband
6550 Terry Elastic Sweatband
6605 High-Performance Headband
6607 Sponge Sweatband
6609 Hard Hat Terry Sweatband
6615 High-Performance Dew Rag
6630 High-Performance Skull Cap
6650 Hat w/ Neck Shade
6660 Hard Hat Brim w/Shade
Cooling Evaporative
6602 Evaporative Cooling Towel
6603 Evaporative Cooling Band
6700CT Evap. Tie Bandana w/ Towel
6705CT Evap. H&L Bandana w/ Towel
6710CT Evap. Triangle Hat w/ Towel
6670CT Evap. HH Neck Shade w/ Towel
8935CT Evap. Ranger Hat w/ Towel
6700 Evap. Tie Bandana w/ Polymers
6705 Evap. H&L Bandana w/ Polymers
6710 Evap. Triangle Hat w/ Polymers
6700FR Evap. FR Cooling Bandana w/Polymers - Tie
6705FR Evap. FR Cooling Bandana w/Polymers-H&L
6710FR Evap. FR Cooling Triangle Hat w/Polymers
6602MF Evaporative Cooling Towel
6715 Evap. Hard Hat Pad w/ Polymers
6715CT Evap. Hard Hat Pad w/ Towel
6716 Evap. Hard Hat Liner w/ Polymers
6717 Evap. Hard Hat Pad w/ Polymers
6717CT Evap. Hard Hat Neck Shade w/ Cooling Towel
6717FR Evap. FR Hard Hat Neck Shade w/ Polymers
6665 Evaporative Vest w/ Polymers
6670 Evap. HH Neck Shade w/ Polymers
6675 Evap. Class 2 Vest w/ Polymers
Cooling Phase Change
6200 Cooling vest w/Charge Packs
6200S Cooling vest w/Charge Packs
6200HVR Cooling vest w/Charge Packs
6200SHVR Cooling vest w/Charge Packs
6201 Charge Packs
6201S Charge Packs
6202 Cooling Vest only
6202S Cooling Vest only
6202HVR Cooling Vest only
6202SHVR Cooling Vest only
Cooling Hydration
5151 Wide Mouth Water Bottle
5155 2L Black Hydration Pack
5155HV 2L Hi-Vis Hydration Pack
5156 2L Premium Low Profile Hydration Pack
5157 2L Premium Cargo Hydration Pack

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