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  • All-Armortex® palm provides Level 3 cut, Level 2 puncture protection and enhanced grip and durability in muds and fluids; hi-vis orange for hand signaling
  • EVA padding underneath Armortex®
  • Molded TPR armor on knuckles, fingers and carpal bone for impact protection, pinch injury prevention, and blow deflection
  • Armor “flex zones” for high dexterity
  • 5mm EVA dorsal pad protects vulnerable metacarpal region
  • Reinforced Kevlar® palm stitching for extended wear and durability
  • Reflective accents and hi-vis color scheme for optimal hand visibility
  • Contoured neoprene cuff with reflective pull-on tab resists snagging while offering a secure fit and easy on/off
  • Silicone strips inside fingers keep glove in proper position
  • Patented design
  • EN 420; EN 388: 4342
Josh Blace
Reviewed On 8/23/2013
Awesome gloves , very puncture resistant they held up to barbwire fence all day. These gloves are very comfortable and my hands stay cool all day

Trevor Johnston
Reviewed On 12/6/2013
I tested these gloves in every area of our facility, and they held up to everything that I coulf throw at them. To be honest I tried to break them and couldn't. If you are looking for a true work horse glove that can take the punishment this is the glove for you.

Tommy Webb
Reviewed On 2/18/2014
I’ve sacrificed plenty of blood to the mechanical gods that oversee all things sharp, pointed and rough on light duty trucks, heavy duty trucks and automobiles over the years . Slipped wrenches, sharp zip ties on wiring harnesses, misdirected razor blade cuts, etc…all contribute to some blood loss if you work on any manner of vehicle. I found myself coming home the past couple of weeks without any scrapes or cuts. Those mechanical Gods must be angry, I received a pair of Ergodyne Pro Flex 925F (x) CP gloves a couple of weeks ago and these Cut, Puncture and Dorsal Impact-Reducing Gloves are tough enough to keep your hands protected yet allow enough dexterity to preform most task without taking the gloves off. For those times when you do need to take them off the contoured neoprene cuff makes it easy to slip them off and back on if necessary. These gloves are tough. I install Power take offs on utility equipment. As a final stage manufacturer my job may include mounting hydraulic pumps, fabricating steel or operating the band saw if needed. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had the typical run ins with wire wheels, sharp zip ties , razor blades, sharp edges on bulk steel and even transmission fluid from an overfilled unit. My Pro Flex 925F’s are dirty but don’t show the slightest bit of wear. The Hi-Vizability color is an added bonus when it comes to safety. I’ve worn holes in actual leather gloves in a matter of days doing my normal job duties but the 925F’s show no signs of being worn, they have excellent grip qualities and the dexterity to hang on to bolts as small as 10mm with no problems. If you want to stop coming home with busten knuckles and would prefer your blood donations be scheduled with the Red Cross I’d recommend getting a pair of these gloves!

dominic cotroneo
Reviewed On 12/3/2014
The gloves work great on any ítem your trying to grab. The grip on them is awesome you can grab onto fish with no problem. Warmer then I thought they were going to be too. It would be nice too if there was a strap not only slip ons.

Oil/Gas Drilling and Extraction as well as Refining, Fracking, Tool Pushing, Mining, Demolition, Heavy Construction, Cargo Handling, Ironwork


ProFlex® 925F(x)CP Cut, Puncture & Dorsal Impact-Reducing Gloves

Cut, Puncture and Dorsal Impact-Reducing Gloves: Enhanced cut and puncture protection without compromising dexterity and comfort.

TechTag EN Compliant      Dorsal Protection      Cut Resistant      Puncture Resistant      Abrasion Resistant      High Visibility     
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    ProFlex® 925F(x)CP Cut, Puncture & Dorsal Impact-Reducing Gloves

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    ProFlex® 925F(x)CP Cut, Puncture & Dorsal Impact-Reducing Gloves

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    ProFlex® 925F(x)CP Cut, Puncture & Dorsal Impact-Reducing Gloves

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