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  • Absorbent terry headband
  • Fits most hard hat suspension systems
  • Machine washable
  • 100% cotton
Kathleen Crain
Rincon, GA
This is a must have item here in the South. The suspension systems that usually come with the hardhats have a vinyl headband that ends up feeling similar to wearing shorts in a car with black vinyl seats in the middle of August, only its on your forehead. These wrap around and snap in place and keeps the sweat from rolling in to your eyes and your hardhat from sliding around and falling off your head. Oh and they are so much better than wraping a paper towel around the front headband (you know who you are). Also when they start to resemble the color and texture of cardboard it's time to take it home and wash it!

Paul Loeber
Reviewed On 10/14/2015
I thought I’d give this a try as the description sounding interesting. My hardhat does have a terrycloth sweatband but it doesn’t do anything but help sweat drip into my eyes or onto my safety glasses, something that burns or annoys me to no end. Enter, or apply, the Terry Sweatband. To say I was apprehensive in believing what the description said, I pressed forward, installed the sweatband, and hoped for the best. Well, I was pleasantly surprised! Not only is it comfortable (I installed it over the original sweatband) it really works! Yes, I still sweat but any sweat from my forehead and above is caught and absorbed by the band. One benefit I have found is even when it is soaked with sweat, it still helps keep me cool. An added benefit? I don’t know, but it helps me. I have yet to wash it as I’m worried I’ll forget it at home, but it does not smell of sweat, musty old athletic socks, or other such fragrances, or even stand on its own, but I know I will have to breakdown and wash it soon. Until then, it will stay where it belongs: on my hardhat headband. To state the obvious, when installing it, make sure you wrap it so that the snaps are inside your hat, the snaps are not the most comfortable. I also recommend loosening up your hat insert as the band will add a little bulk, especially if your hat is tight already. I would maybe suggest having a couple on hand so you can wash one while wearing another. Bottom line, it is well worth having, especially if you are working in hot weather.

Construction, Trades, Maintenance,
Landscaping/Grounds, Assembly/Fabrication,
Material Handling, Freight/Baggage,
Warehousing/Distribution, Iron/Steel Fabrication


Chill-Its® 6609 Terry Sweatband

Terry Sweatband: Economical way for hard hat wearers to manage moisture. Keeps sweat out of eyes.

TechTag Moisture Management      Machine Washable     
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    Chill-Its® 6609 Terry Sweatband

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    Chill-Its® 6609 Terry Sweatband

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    Chill-Its® 6609 Terry Sweatband

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