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  • Bandana/headband - tie closure
  • Activate by soaking in water for 2-5 minutes
  • Remains hydrated for up to 4 hours
  • Re-usable: just soak in water to re-activate
  • Stars & Stripes, Camouflage, Red Western, Navy Western, Solid Blue, Lime, Flames
Randy Dickerson
Reviewed On 8/3/2012
I honestly did not give this product much of chance at succeeding. I truly had my doubts when I started with it, but decided to give it a fair shake. I followed the directions to use it, and just let is soak in cold water for five minutes before I put it on. I let the excess water drain out for a couple of minutes, then put it on and went to work. It started out at about 75 degrees at 9 a.m. and proceeded to go up like a rocket from there. By noon, it was already 91 degrees and climbing, on a crystal clear day. At about 2 p.m., I stopped to grab a bite to eat and re-soaked the bandana, and yeah, it was working. Quite well a matter-of-fact. The only thing I did not like about it, was when I squished the “crystals” around to distribute them evenly, is that it made my hands feel slimy. I’ll recommend it, good product and it definitely delivers what it promises.

Chuck Tulloch
Creedmoor, NC
I sweat like a "race horse" when working in my yard. I was given a "Chill-It" headband and I did doubt the usefullness. On July 3rd, 2013 I was very suprised to find out that it does work and work very well. I'm usually wiping sweat from my face every few minutes. With the "Chill-It" I did not have to wipe my face at all. IT WORKS!!!!!

Kathleen Crain
Reviewed On 7/11/2013
It's South Georgia, it's July, it's freaking hot. Surprisingly the tie does a good job of keeping me from melting. One tip is if you are like me and wear it for a while, flip it occasionally, it will help dissipate heat better.

Construction, Trades, Maintenance,
Landscaping/Grounds, Assembly/Fabrication,
Material Handling, Freight/Baggage,
Warehousing/Distribution, Iron/Steel Fabrication


Chill-Its® 6700 Evaporative Cooling Bandana - Tie

Evaporative Cooling Bandana: Activated polymers bring cooling power where you need it most.

TechTag Acrylic Polymer     
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    Chill-Its® 6700 Evaporative Cooling Bandana - Tie

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    Chill-Its® 6700 Evaporative Cooling Bandana - Tie

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    Chill-Its® 6700 Evaporative Cooling Bandana - Tie

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