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  • Maintains constant 64ºF / 18ºC
  • Cooling lifecycle lasts up to four hours
  • Comfortable cotton construction with hook & loop closure
  • Banox FR3® Fabric; ATPV of 9.4 cal/cm² (HRC 2)
  • Non-toxic, non carcinogenic, dielectric substance
  • Khaki, Hi-Vis Orange
Spencer Gildner
Reviewed On 1/18/2013
I work hard and sweat a lot, this vest actually works to keep me cool and sweat a lot less. I put the packs in the freezer and they stay cold for 4-6 hours! I use ice packs for my back problems, and have bought the really physical therapy packs which eventually leak. At a bare minimum the cooling vest packs are way better than the $50 ice packs I bought from the physical therapy supply store. I used the cooling vest while working in the yard doing the excavation work, doing yard care and even relaxing on a hot day. I even used the cooling vest in the rain under my rain gear! Anyone who wears rain gear while working understand the conflict of getting wet in the rain or wearing rain gear and still getting wet from sweat. This was not the case, I was really comfortable with my cooling vest on under my breathable rain gear. Overall, once I had the vest at home, I continually found more and more times to use the vest. For work, for fun, relaxation and rest. Very Awesome!
Ergoman Says: Thanks for the feedback, look forward to an updated version next year!

Max Butler
Reviewed On 1/18/2013
I am an arborist in Scottsdale, Arizona, where the daytime summer temperature lingers at a scorching 100 degrees. My job entails a wide range of both physical and highly technical activities ranging from entails tree evaluations, consulting, and very hard, physical fieldwork. The vest has proven to be an invaluable addition to my personal protective equipment kit by both making work more comfortable and extending the day’s workable hours.The vest makes uncomfortable temperatures comfortable and grueling hot temperatures tolerable.

Pulp/Paper, Iron/Steel Fabrication, Hazmat,
Fire/Rescue/EMT, Vulcanizing, Construction,
Utilities, Refineries, Foundries

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Chill-Its® 6200 Phase Change Cooling Vest w/packs

Phase Change Cooling Vest: Constant 58° keeps workers cooler, safer and more productive.

TechTag Gel Polymer      Machine Washable     
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    Chill-Its® 6200 Phase Change Cooling Vest w/packs

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    Chill-Its® 6200 Phase Change Cooling Vest w/packs

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    Chill-Its® 6200 Phase Change Cooling Vest w/packs

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