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  • EVA foam pad to dampen shock and impact
  • Half-finger design for optimal dexterity
  • Hook & loop closure adjusts for secure fit
  • Anti-odor treatment
Paul Loeber
Reviewed On 9/10/2013
Not Quite 5, but better than 4.5 Stars; please read the entire review as I discuss the Pros and Cons these gloves. DISCLAIMER: I received this product for testing and evaluation as part of the Tenacious Testers program and was listed in my bucket list. This review is my own based solely on using the product as designed and intended and in no way influenced by being provided, at no cost, for testing and evaluation. SIZE – MEDIUM: Using the online sizing chart, I had to guess if I lined up my hand correctly, or if I should go up or down in size as indicated by the sizing chart. I think selected the right size for me; however, they were a little snug around my hand. I think if I had gone up in size, the fingers would have been too long and too loose in the palm and wrist. A recommendation is to measure your hand circumference above the thumb, fingers spread apart and then compare this measurement to a glove-sizing chart. COMFORT: Comfort, in my opinion, go hand-in-hand, no pun intended, with size. Based on the size, fit, and the gloves’ construction, I would still have to say I was extremely impressed. The only comfort issue I have is that one thumb seam is a little uncomfortable but that has nothing to do with the glove; it is the shape of my thumb. Having padding in the palms and fingers did not diminish the comfort; in fact, the padding aided with the overall comfort and wear-ability. CRAFTSMANSHIP: Over the past few decades I have had numerous and varying jobs requiring me to wear gloves and with this work I have worn out literally hundreds of gloves, but I have never come across any like these. The seams, seam fit-up, stitching, and materials all appear to be top notch and high quality. I have worn these gloves mowing the grass, and more abusive work like handling abrasive construction materials. I have also worn these gloves using powered hand tools and I must say the gloves have held up extremely well with no obvious signs of cuts or scuffs. I have had other gloves that within the first couple of hours the cuff and Velcro started failing, but not these. The only complaint, I noticed I had a partial black ring around my wrists that seems to be from the dye; however, after wearing and sweating in them a few times the staining stopped. PERFORMANCE: Durable is one word that comes to mind and the anti-vibrating padding performs exactly as it should, actually better than anticipated as I was skeptical of the claims.. The first time I wore these gloves while doing the yard work, I felt NO vibrations considering my weed whacker vibrates like hell. The half fingers make picking up and holding small items such as brad nails, small bolts or washers a snap and with full dexterity. OVERALL: These gloves are well worth the investment, especially if you work with power tools or equipment, or handle rough materials. They perform as promised, maybe even better; the quality is top shelf. Despite the snugness the gloves fit great, the wrist straps are long enough to secure, and the finger length is good. So why the less than 5 Star rating? Part of it has to do with not being able to accurately size the gloves and, second would be the only change I might suggest to improve these gloves and that would be to change the back panel to a more breathable fabric. It you need a good, no, make that a great pair of gloves that require dexterity while reducing or eliminating vibrations, these gloves should be on the top of your list.

Riveting, Grinding/Sanding, Deburring,
Demolition, Drilling/Mining, Oil/Gas Refining, Heavy Construction, Assembly/Fabrication, Mole Whacker


ProFlex® 901 Impact Gloves

Half-Fingered Impact Gloves: Economical protection with EVA pad and split leather.

TechTag Abrasion Resistant      Anti Stink      Hand Washable     
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    ProFlex® 901 Impact Gloves

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    ProFlex® 901 Impact Gloves

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    ProFlex® 901 Impact Gloves

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