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  • ANSI S2.73/ISO 10819:1996/EN 388/EN 420 Certified
  • Unique chloroprene rubber palm pad
  • Lightweight, breathable 7-gauge cotton/nylon seamless knit construction
  • Pre-curved design provides comfort, dexterity and flexibility
  • Elastic cuff for secure fit
  • EN 420; EN 388: X243
Dustin Brennan
Reviewed On 8/13/2012
Interesting product, I didn’t get a chance to use it with a jack hammer yet, but I could definitely notice a reduction in vibration using a hammer drill and concrete saw. The only down side is that you have to take the gloves off right after tool use in order to grab anything with any level of dexterity.
Ergoman Says: You bet. Different gloves have different purposes. While the dexterity may be a little less, the reduction in vibration and reduced risk of HAVs is well worth it!

Michelle Soto
Clinton, WA
Bought these gloves because I was having damage from equipment vibration. Love them. Helped in the stress on my hands. Lawn care equipment has quite a bit of constant vibration and these helped dramatically. They remind me of the Michelin Man. I would love to see them in smaller sizes for Women. I do wish they held up to washing a bit better, my hands tend to get a bit sweaty in them so they get washed more often than most gloves. Have showed them to quite a few people in my industry here and they are intrigued for sure. Wish they were more readily available. Very happy none the less.

Riveting, Sanding, Deburring, Demolition, Drilling/Mining, Oil/Gas Refining, Heavy Construction, Assembly/Fabrication

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ProFlex® 9000 Certified Lightweight Anti-Vibration Glove

Certified Lightweight AV Gloves: Unique chloroprene rubber palm pad combined with lightweight, breathable cotton/nylon knit.

TechTag ANSI Compliant      EN Compliant      Hand Washable     
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    ProFlex® 9000 Certified Lightweight Anti-Vibration Glove

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    ProFlex® 9000 Certified Lightweight Anti-Vibration Glove

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    ProFlex® 9000 Certified Lightweight Anti-Vibration Glove

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