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  • Lined with 100% DuPont™ Kevlar® to provide cut resistance throughout the glove
  • ANSI 105/EN 388 Level 3 cut protection on the palm
  • Textured PVC palm and fingertips
  • Ideal for wet or dry surfaces
  • Breathable stretch spandex back
  • Neoprene knuckle pad
  • Low-profile closure with woven elastic cuff
  • Pull tab for easy on and off
  • Terry thumb brow wipe
  • EN 420; EN 388: 3332; ASTM F1790 3
Daniel Hutton
Reviewed On 5/17/2013
I was a big fan of the 820CR gloves. They definitely stood up very well to some hard use and didn't hamper my dexterity like I thought a cut resistant kevlar glove would. All in all they fit well were comfortable and saved me from more than a few slices, nicks, gouges...bites.. If you even need them a little bit just get them, you'll thank me.

Nathan Vann
Reviewed On 7/17/2013
These gloves are awesome! I was most surprised with the grip and flexibility that were provided. They are a fairly thick glove and therefore not ideal in the summertime, however as far as cut resistant gloves go these breathe the best of any I have tried.

Judy Jasso
Reviewed On 8/23/2013
The most surprising thing about this glove is how well it worked under extremely wet conditions. It maintained a superior grip on wet rope. I especially liked how well it drained of water and how quickly the gloves dried. The only thing I don't like about the gloves is the size. I could really use an X-Small (not offered) so I had to give away the pair I got. Another bonus, I found that the gloves float on water. Working around water and in an area that has high wind gusts, I find that having items that float has become essential.

Material Handling, Picking/Packing,
Warehousing/Distribution, Assembly/ Fabrication, Roofing, Maintenance, Wet Grip Applications


ProFlex® 820CR Cut Resistant PVC Handler Gloves

Cut Resistant PVC Handler Gloves: Lined with 100% Kevlar® to provide cut resistance throughout the glove. Textured PVC palm and fingertips for a more secure grip in both wet and dry conditions.

TechTag ANSI Compliant      EN Compliant      Cut Resistant      Abrasion Resistant      Wet Surface      Dry Surface     
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    ProFlex® 820CR Cut Resistant PVC Handler Gloves

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    ProFlex® 820CR Cut Resistant PVC Handler Gloves

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    ProFlex® 820CR Cut Resistant PVC Handler Gloves

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