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  • Lined with 100% DuPont™ Kevlar® to provide cut resistance throughout the glove
  • ANSI 105/EN 388 Level 3 cut protection on the palm
  • Premium EVA foam palm pad to dampen shock and impact
  • Abrasion resistant PVC on palm and fingers
  • Breathable stretch spandex with neoprene knuckle pad
  • Synthetic leather palm and fingers
  • Terry thumb brow wipe
  • Flex zones for added comfort
  • Reinforced fingertips for optimal durability
  • EN 420; EN 388: 3332; ASTM F1790 3
Kyle Koch
Reviewed On 8/3/2012
These have to be some of the best work gloves I’ve ever used. The fit, comfort, and dexterity exceeded all expectations. I’ve used them to fall trees, split wood, and flesh hides. I have not yet experienced it's cut resistant Kevlar layer but with such a quality product I’m not afraid of getting close to the action.

Steve Arnold
Reviewed On 11/30/2012
These gloves are made well. They are a little bulkier than I usually get but I was still able to snap chalk lines no problem. They lasted about 2 weeks then I had holes in them. That's about a week longer than any other type of glove I've tried.
Ergoman Says: Glad the gloves worked well for your tough application! The slight additional bulk comes from the Kevlar lining throughout to give you extra cut protection. Want something a little lighter? Check out our Trades 710...same glove minus the Kevlar!

Chris Sutton
Reviewed On 7/18/2013
If you’re looking for a good heavy duty glove these are it. Out picking up scrap or other heavy labor I found these gloves worked well. Due to the added Kevlar, these gloves are bulkier than normal gloves which hinder the dexterity of the glove. If you wanted to you can to pick up the small pieces of scrap out of the dirt no problem; but in an environment where more precise work is being done, these gloves don’t quite have the dexterity needed to do those more precise actions; I found myself taking the gloves on and off continuously in these situations. Of course a heavy duty glove isn’t usually needed for precision work. The gloves have good flexibility and freely moved with the hand, unlike other heavy duty gloves where you end up fighting the stiffness of the glove to do the work and lessening your grip. Overall, when you need a glove to protect your hands from cuts and scrapes this is the glove I would choose; but if you are looking for a glove that gives you more precise control there are better choices out there.

Justin Zufelt
Reviewed On 9/5/2013
These gloves are built well, I like the extra padding on the palm area. When I received them there was a seam that wasn’t finished. I’m a guy with long fingers and big hands so when I put them on I was impressed with the over all comfort and full range of motion. I would recommend these gloves to anyone looking for a great pair of work gloves.

Jacob Bruns
Bellevue, WA
Stellar fit and top tier protection - been using them while working on my bedroom reno. Oddly, I've worn through several of the fingertips in a span of a few weeks - it's like my framing hammer and these gloves don't get along or something. Plus that, I have a pair of plain 710's that have no such problem. Weird! Probably just a one-off defect. Definitely my favorite gloves otherwise, just unfortunate that they didn't hold up.
Ergoman Says: Thanks for the feedback Jacob. We agree this is odd given your past experience with the great durability of the standard 710. We’d like to know a little more about your application and will be contacting you to review your gloves and get you into a new pair.

Bobby Price
Reviewed On 2/2/2015
They are incredible gloves. The durability is impressive. These gloves has withstand cold and harsh weather and still proved to preform weeks later. These gloves started to show stress and wear after two good weeks of hard work the ideal construction worker protective gloves.I rate these gloves a 5 best gloves I have ever worked in

Assembly/Fabrication, Framing/Carpentry, Heavy Machinery, Mechanics, Roofing, Plumbing/HVAC, Landscaping, Hand/Power Tools


ProFlex® 710CR Cut Resistant Trades Gloves

Cut Resistant Trades Gloves: Lined with 100% Kevlar® to provide cut resistance throughout the glove while still maintaining superb dexterity and functionality.

TechTag ANSI Compliant      EN Compliant      Cut Resistant      Abrasion Resistant      Machine Washable     
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    ProFlex® 710CR Cut Resistant Trades Gloves

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    ProFlex® 710CR Cut Resistant Trades Gloves

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    ProFlex® 710CR Cut Resistant Trades Gloves

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