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  • Weatherproof outer shell constructed of 300D oxford
  • Breathable PU coating
  • Inner jacket with 100g 3M™ Thinsulate™ lining
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material, 2" Level 2 ANSI-compliant
  • Inset hood with drawstring and stoppers
  • Storm front with zipper and snap closure
  • Removable sleeves
  • YKK #5 zippers
  • Lime, Orange
David Almy
Reviewed On 7/22/2012
The jacket is highly visible and provides good warmth. I have used it multiple times for inspections in traffic areas and also found that some military members like it for a different purpose, motorcycle visibility. Due to USAF regulations you require high vis apparel. In my opinion the jacket is constructed for hard wear and provides a lot of customization options.

Victor Roa
Reviewed On 3/27/2013
The jacket is awesome. First off the jacket takes the place of a vest, raincoat, and winter jacket all in one. I work in Chicago and the weather changes by the minute and this jacket is perfect for that. The waterproofing is absolutely essential as is the high visibility. The jacket is roomy enough for a sweatshirt and thermal to layer underneath and very warm for it's light weight. If you work outdoors I highly recommend this jacket for it's all around uses and comfort.

Richard Buteyn
Reviewed On 4/25/2013
By far the best high-vis warm gear I've ever owned. With so many layers, I am able to utilize this jacket on the roughest of days in the Bering Sea as well as the calmest. I have put this jacket to the test on a pollock trawler on the Bering Sea in winter and it has far exceeded expectations. The inner layer is so warm that I only occasionally needed to use the outer shell. This jacket stands up to the winds and rains in some of the toughest working conditions on earth.

Tom Sperring
Reviewed On 8/6/2013
This jacket is loaded with options. I have been wearing this jacket during a rain storm, small hail and even some freezing fog. It has proven to be a formidable opponent against the elelments. It has the standard weatherproof shell put it also has a really comfortable, liner that doubles as an insulated hi-vis vest. There are tons of pockets for me to keep gloves, pens, hand warmers, and all the random stuff you need throughout a tenacious day. The jacket also seems to be slightly oversized and has lots of room to move. I have worn other Hi-Vis jackets but I can say that no other brand matches the quality and options you get with the Ergodyne GloWear jacket

Tyler Bortz
Reviewed On 12/31/2014
This coat is a great add to any working mans toolbox. I live in Wisconsin and the weather is changing on a constant basis here, to be able to pull the liner out or leave it in and zip the sleeves off is awesome. this coat really holds the weather out, it cuts the wind and rain. It does have a good number of pockets. one thing that would be helpful would be fleece lined pockets to warm up the hands quick, that's the only complaint I have about this coat other than that its great!! The fit it very good on this coat, normally I wear and XL coat in in my hi viz coat I got a 2XL and the fit is really good. The bottom of this coat is open and covers the lower back which is nice to keep you warm. I love this coat for the work place but I also like to use it when I'm out having fun works great for ice fishing so you can been seen and it keeps you really warm. Nice work.

Jason Hoover
Reviewed On 3/24/2015
I love the versatility of this jacket. I never know what the weather is going to do but I am sure to be ready for it all with the options this jacket has. Top notch quality, well thought out product, has held up well to my use!

Jeff Evans
Reviewed On 6/29/2015
I bought this several years ago, 2010, and it still works fine. The multiple layers allow me to wear it anytime during the year. It has retained its reflective properties despite numerous cleanings. It will keep you dry and during cold weather warm. Wind resistant, easy to add or remove layers.

Paul Loeber
Reviewed On 6/29/2015
With winter approaching, should a good warm safety jacket be on your wish list this one fits the bill! The first cold day I wore it as a complete package – temperature was around 26 degrees F, I actually started sweating during the 50 foot walk from my front door to my car! I don’t even do that when I wear my Cxxxxxt work jacket. I have worn this jacket in all the configurations and am very impressed. The outer shell is definitely waterproof and the lining inside along with vent holes does help keep you cool if you wear it as a rain jacket. Having the hood integrated, yet able to be stored, is a plus as well. The zip out liner can function as a safety jacket or, if you prefer, zip off the sleeves and now you have an insulated safety vest. Either with or without the sleeves, the liner by itself will keep you warm. This jacket and liner are sized to fit, meaning you do not need to go up or down a size as you might with other jackets / brands. Overall the jacket and liner are well made, durable, and most importantly, highly visible. The first day I wore the jacket to work, my co-workers remarked how bright it was and they immediately put on sunglasses! A joke, maybe? Not sure, but this jacket (and zip out vest), especially in sunlight, will help you to be seen, which, depending on your job, is either a good or bad thing. As always, with the good features, there are a few features that I personally thought fell short in making this the only job-site jacket I would wear. The first downfall, for me, is the lack of pockets. Both the jacket and vest have two hand pockets, and the outer shell has one breast pocket that would hold a cell phone or small radio. For me, having pockets, inside and out, is a “God-send” as I usually have to carry several items while walking my job sites., so needless to say, I was a little disappointed. To me, I thought the jacket was a little long meaning it came down almost to the bottom of my butt. I thought this might be an issue when I sat down, but even with its length, it was never an issue. I prefer a shorter jacket, maybe just a couple of inches longer than a bomber-style, but that is what I prefer. All in all, if you are looking for a good, visible, durable, and warm jacket, I would recommend this one. It is a great value for the cost, and one that I think you will be happy wearing. Bottom line, my rating is based on the lack of pockets ONLY.

Flagging Crew, Road Construction, Utility Crew, Survey Crew, Construction, Railway Workers


GloWear® 8385 Class 3 4-in-1 Jacket

Class 3 4-in-1 Jacket: Fall, Winter, Spring—The only jacket you’ll need all year.

TechTag High Visibility      Reflective Accents      Thermal      Water Repellant      Machine Washable     
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    GloWear® 8385 Class 3 4-in-1 Jacket

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    GloWear® 8385 Class 3 4-in-1 Jacket

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    GloWear® 8385 Class 3 4-in-1 Jacket

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