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  • 320D Nylon Taslan shell
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material, 2" Level 2 ANSI-compliant
  • Inset hood with drawstring and stoppers
  • Storm front with zipper and snap closure
  • YKK #5 front zipper
  • Reversible: Lime or Black/Gray
Rick McGee
Reviewed On 8/3/2012
Finally!!!! Somebody has developed a jacket tenacious enough to have all the functionality, comfort and versatility to withstand work, weather and rough movement without tearing or feeling restrained. As a safety representative and facilities worker for a major building complex, I constantly use this jacket for working a wide variety of facility maintenance and safety tasks while constantly subjecting it to abrasions, solvents and harsh soiling. I just wash it well with mild detergent and wear it again and again. I recently took it to Europe for a winter holiday because it’s so comfortable and protects against wind and weather so well. It was the obvious choice instead of taking three separate jackets along. (see picture attached) My only concern is that I am going to wear this poor jacket out before I’m willing or ready to give it up. Thanks Ergodyne!!

Kelly Schroeder
Reviewed On 8/3/2012
Pros: Reversible option is great! Being a PM, having a single coat to travel with that can meet my needs equally on the job site as well as a more formal meeting environment and even in casual conditions is a must. This coat has taken the place of 3 jackets I previously kept in my truck. Sizing is true to fit, many hi-vis products seem to come up short on the length all too often. Cons: So bright everyone knows where to find me even when I don’t want to be found and forget to turn it inside out…

Paul Loeber
Reviewed On 10/29/2013
Not quite what I expected; it is better. In this review, I will attempt to highlight the pros and cons of this jacket and try to be as objective as possible. First thing to consider, as another person said, is the size. I would not say that the jacket is made on the smaller side of a particular size, but if you are not sure if you should get the next larger size, I would strongly recommend it. I, unfortunately, am a larger size and listed a XXL as my size. Other jackets I have that are XXL fit fine, but this jacket is little snug around the middle. Again, it is because of how I am built, not the jacket. The black and silver side is the primary side in that the zipper closes with the pull-tab to the right. As such, wearing it with the yellow side out for safety purposes, as I do, feels awkward, but is not a showstopper. One really nice feature on the black side is on the left sleeve is a small zippered pouch that is not available on the yellow side; again, not a showstopper. The black side has zippered slash pockets, while the yellow has snap close square pockets with non-zippered slash pockets behind. Also on the black side where the sleeve and body meet are zippered vents. The venting mesh is not on the yellow side; however, it does provide some heat relief. The yellow side has a left breast zippered pocket that is large enough to hold a pair of large lensed safety glasses, or even a moderate-sized digital camera. Depending on your cold tolerance, this jacket should keep you comfortable in the upper 40s through maybe lower 60s. It will keep out some wind, but not high winds, especially if it is chilly outside. Again, temperature and wind tolerance is all relative and person specific. This jacket is also great in the rain, especially as the hood is detachable and reversible depending on which side is out. Another nice feature this jacket has, are the center body and waist drawstrings. I have never been a fan of the body draws, but the waist draw is nice. Overall, this is a well-made, high quality jacket and well worth adding to your wardrobe. I have received numerous positive comments when wearing the jacket either black or yellow-side out with some asking where they could purchase one. This is one jacket that I hope will last me a long time.

Bill Moore
Reviewed On 12/31/2014
Excellent jacket for work or flip it inside out for a more casual look. Dry - warm - allaround great jacket.

Road Construction, Utility Crew, Survey Crew, Construction, Railway Workers, Baggage Handlers


GloWear® 8360 Class 2 Reversible Work Jacket

Class 2 Work Jacket: Reversible. The only jacket you’ll need on the job and off.

TechTag High Visibility      Reflective Accents      Water Repellant      Machine Washable     
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    GloWear® 8360 Class 2 Reversible Work Jacket

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    GloWear® 8360 Class 2 Reversible Work Jacket

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    GloWear® 8360 Class 2 Reversible Work Jacket

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