With the exception of Chuck Norris, hurricanes and halitosis, there's nothing more dangerous than a plummeting tool. Now, regardless of shape or size, power or manual, bucket or bag, we have a lanyard safety solution to keep tools from attacking. Featuring quick release buckles, tough stretch cord, rugged nylon outer sleeves, lock stitching and more than capable weight capacity. Long story short: now it's easy and affordable to end the falling tools rain of terror.
Lanyards Tool Connectors
3780S Power Tool Trap - Small
3780L Power Tool Trap - Large
3770 Tape Measure Trap
3700 Web Tool Tails™ 6-pack
3703 Elastic Loop Tool Tails™ 3-Pack
3703EXT Elastic Loop Tool Tails™ Extended 3-pack
3713 Elastic Loop Tool Tails™ Swivel 3-pack
3755 Self-Adhering Tape Trap™ - 12ft Roll
3750S Heat Tape Trap™ - 12ft Roll
3750M Heat Tape Trap™ - 30ft Roll
3723 Cold Shrink Tool Trap™
3724 Cold Shrink Tool Trap™
3726 Cold Shrink Tool Trap™
3790S Tool Shackle - Small 2-pack
3790M Tool Shackle - Medium 2-pack
3790L Tool Shackle - Large 2-pack
3790XL Tool Shackle - XL 2-pack
Lanyards Retractables
3000 Retractable Lanyard Dual SS Carabiner
3001 Retractable Lanyard Single SS Carabiner
3025 Accessory Pack Retractables - SS Carabiners 3-pack
3026 Accessory Pack Retractables - Loops 3-pack
Lanyards Tool & Equipment
3100 Single Carabiner
3100EXT Single Carabiner Extended
3110 Dual Carabiner
3110EXT Dual Carabiner Extended
3102 Detachable Single Carabiner
3102EXT Detachable Single Carabiner Extended
3103 Accessory Kit - Detachable Loops 3-pack
3108 Locking Single Carabiner
3101 Stainless Single Carabiner-15lb
3101EXT Extended Stainless Single Carabiner-15lb
3111 Stainless Dual Carabiner-15lb
3111EXT Extended Stainless Dual Carabiner-15lb
3311 Twin Leg Stainless Triple Carabiner-15lb
3114 Pull-On Wrist Lanyard with Carabiner
3116 Pull-On Wrist Lanyard with Buckle
3115 Adjustable Wrist Lanyard
3109 Triple-Locking Single Carabiner
3109EXT Extended Triple-Locking Single Carabiner - 15lbs
3119 Triple-Locking Dual Carabiner
3119EXT Extended Triple-Locking Dual Carabiner
3104 Detachable Dual Loop
3130S Coiled Cable Lanyard-2lbs
3130M Coiled Cable Lanyard-5lbs
3175 Accessory Anchor
3157 Coil Hard Hat Lanyard with Buckle
3158 Coil Hard Hat Lanyard with Clamp
3150 Elastic Hard Hat Lanyard with Buckle
3155 Elastic Hard Hat Lanyard with Clamp
Lanyards ID Lanyards
3382 ID Retractor
3386 Arm Band ID/Badge Holder
3386HV Arm Band ID/Badge Holder HV

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