With the exception of Chuck Norris, hurricanes and halitosis, there's nothing more dangerous than a plummeting tool. Now, regardless of shape or size, power or manual, bucket or bag, we have a lanyard safety solution to keep tools from attacking. Featuring quick release buckles, tough stretch cord, rugged nylon outer sleeves, lock stitching and more than capable weight capacity. Long story short: now it's easy and affordable to end the falling tools rain of terror.
Lanyards Tool Connectors
3700 Web Tool Tails™
3703 Elastic Loop Tool Tails™
3703EXT Elastic Loop Tool Tails™ Extended
3713 Elastic Loop Tool Tails™ Swivel
3750S Tape Trap™ - 12ft Roll
3750M Tape Trap™ - 30ft Roll
3723 Cold Shrink Tool Trap™
3724 Cold Shrink Tool Trap™
3726 Cold Shrink Tool Trap™
3790S Tool Shackle - Small
3790M Tool Shackle - Medium
3790L Tool Shackle - Large
3790XL Tool Shackle - XL
Lanyards Retractables
3000 Retractable Lanyard Dual SS Carabiner
3001 Retractable Lanyard Single SS Carabiner
3025 Accessory Pack Retractables - SS Carabiners
3026 Accessory Pack Retractables - Loops
Lanyards Tool & Equipment
3100 Single Carabiner
3100EXT Single Carabiner Extended
3110 Dual Carabiner
3110EXT Dual Carabiner Extended
3102 Detachable Single Carabiner
3102EXT Detachable Single Carabiner Extended
3103 Accessory Kit - Detachable Loops
3108 Locking Single Carabiner
3101 Stainless Single Carabiner-15lb
3101EXT Extended Stainless Single Carabiner-15lb
3111 Stainless Dual Carabiner-15lb
3111EXT Extended Stainless Dual Carabiner-15lb
3311 Twin Leg Stainless Triple Carabiner-15lb
3115 Wrist Tool Lanyard
3109 Triple-Locking Single Carabiner
3109EXT Extended Triple-Locking Single Carabiner - 15lbs
3119 Triple-Locking Dual Carabiner
3119EXT Extended Triple-Locking Dual Carabiner
3104 Detachable Dual Loop
3175 Accessory Anchor
3150 Buckle Hard Hat Lanyard
3155 Clamp Hard Hat Lanyard
Lanyards ID Lanyards
3382 ID Retractor
3386 Arm Band ID/Badge Holder
3386HV Arm Band ID/Badge Holder HV

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