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  • Starched polyester mesh main material for strength and breathability
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective material, removable strips on front, back and shoulders
  • Versatile 2" (5cm) PALS webbing ladder system for securing pouches to various sections of the vest
  • Side, front and shoulder adjustments for a universal size and fit
  • Reflective accents on binding and side adjustments for increased visibility
  • Available in black and hi visibility lime colors
  • Interior pocket for storage and sleeve for hydration bladder
  • 5590 kit comes standard with Miner's set of pouches (5 pieces)
Jason Zufelt
Reviewed On 6/26/2013
The 5590 molle vest is my new favorite work tool. Even though it is not ANSI 107-2004 class 1(I think did not measure to make sure) people see you in this vest. The 5591 radio pouch is a perfect fit for all the different styles of radio we use. The 5592 is a little large for most gas monitors today, 2 years ago this would have been a perfect fit for most gas monitors. I think Ergodyne could cut the size in half and save room on the vest every inch counts. I have never used an anemometer but the 5595 is great for holding spare ear plugs for those guys who forget. The 5593 is great for holding small hand tools when you’re working in a panel. And the 5594 is just as useful. The vest has 2 pockets on the chest that is great for holding maps in the field when not in use. On the bottom of the vest are belt loops for a work belt but I put my normal belt through the loops works great no plumbers crack! I’m sure this vest was designed for the mining industry but I think this vest is great for general construction as well.

Allen Ponce
Reviewed On 4/2/2014
After several weeks of usage of this great piece of design from ergodyne, in different working enviroments and temperatures, I can say this, this vest is different from any other vest I have used so far. In detail: Pros: First of all the materials that are used to manufacture this vest are really good, from top to bottom you feel different, the detail put into this best is great. The PALS System, great for carrying different gear, the fitting is great for different brands of flashlights and radios, also the PALS Pouches are great for different uses. from carrying small parts to different tool sets. The fit is great, you can adjust the height and size of it when need be. As for the shoulders they can be adjusted on the fly and they feel soft when carrying some weight with it. The reflective material, it has a lot of detail, it even outlines the vest with the detail put in it. Cons: Minor flaw In the shoulders that I found, the sides of the shoulder straps are really hard due to the fact its a triple layered, and you can tell when you need to reach something above your head, your arm pushes the shoulder towards your neck and you can feel the shoulder side hitting your neck and if you are not wearing anything in your neck you can feel pressure and gets uncomfortable. And the velcro that is located in the back is not exactly friendly for certain types of backpacks. The vest besides that little detail I pointed out its a great piece of gear, great for every work site, and it can be worn with or without the Pouches. Which makes it a very versatile vest.

Surface & underground mining, confined space, telecommunications, oil & gas


Arsenal® 5590 Industrial MOLLE Vest - Miners set

Military Inspired, Workplace Desired. Reflective vest with modular system for ergonomically carrying tools and equipment. Incorporates PALS webbing for modular pouch attachment. Includes basic pouch kit for mining applications.

TechTag Abrasion Resistant      Reflective Accents      PALS Design      Machine Washable      Foreign Material     
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    Arsenal® 5590 Industrial MOLLE Vest - Miners set

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    Arsenal® 5590 Industrial MOLLE Vest - Miners set

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    Arsenal® 5590 Industrial MOLLE Vest - Miners set

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