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  • Advanced PVA cooling technology
  • Super-evaporative, feels significantly cooler than ambient air
  • Activates fast and easy - run under cold water for one minute
  • Wear for hours or for quick relief
  • Simply re-wet to reactivate
  • Machine washable
  • Size: 13" x 29.5" (33cm x 75cm)
Kelly Schroeder
Reviewed On 8/3/2012
Pros: Works exactly as stated and far past. Uses for everthing possible on a Hot Humid Minnesota Day. Cons: too many people asked me where I got it at a Twins game in 105deg heat and I had to tell them that you didn’t have a stand selling them that day, much to their dislike. Threw away the container and have no place to keep it fresh now (this is obviously a personal issue with me reading directions…)

Christian Schauf
Reviewed On 8/10/2012
The towels are very cool, but I wonder how many people realize you have to keep the container? And I wonder how nasty those towels get when they are partially dirty, sitting in that warm moist environment as the container recommends?
Ergoman Says: The storage container is just that...meant to be kept to help you easily store your cooling towel. The towel is treated with an anti-microbial treatment which helps prevent any stink or bacteria build-up when in the container. If you do find it starts to smell funky, just throw it in the washing machine and line dry and you'll be good as new! Thanks for the comments.

ny, NY
LOVE LOVE LOVE this item, works so well that this is my go to present for everyone I need to buy a gift for. Only problem is I threw out the container, didn't know you had to store in it.

turlock, CA
love it!

Steve Iversen
Plymouth, MN
I just heard about these from two friends. They used them at their plastics company in Minnesota. Weather was very hot and humid these past few days and the shop was 100 degrees. Everyone was very pleased with the towels and they worked very well.

Randolph, VT
I was wondering if I should store it in the fridge.
Ergoman Says: Hi Jai! Thanks for the review. There is no need to store your Cooling Towel in the fridge. It activates simply by running under water (any temperature will do). Once wet (about 30 seconds), give it a couple of twirls in the air (to start the evaporative process), and your towel will be activated and cool in no time. To store, just place it back in its original plastic tube container.

Nathan Vann
Reviewed On 8/5/2013
Working in the heat everyday can be exhausting. I've tried several different products over the years and this is by far the most effective cooling product I have ever found. I've already placed an order for some for the guys! Great job!

Jonathan Emmons
Kansas City, MO
I had never used a cooling towel before. It didn't seem to be significantly cooler, but it is a good item to have just hanging around your neck or to absorb some of your sweat while working.
Ergoman Says: Thanks for the review Jonathon! The Chill-Its 6602 Cooling Towel becomes cool through the evaporation of the water. If the towel doesn’t feel cool, get some air movement through it by whirling it around in the air (like a helicopter) for a few seconds or so. That re-activates the towel making it feel cool again.

Tim Rice
New Carlisle, OH
Works as described. Warning keep your package container! Only real hang up is dusty environments. Makes mud, or sawdust stick. But so does sweat.... Another great use, is after banging out close to 20 miles in an hour on the bicycle one knee tend to be inflamed a little, tired of messing with an ice pack? Use this Chill-it's towel!!!!! Excellent, comfort, chilling, awesome!

Brenda Vanderhei
cambria, WI
Excellent, this towel is great for hot flashes. Cools you right down!!!!

I was a bit surprising when unpacking this towel : how this kind of carton sleeve, very rigid will help me when hot ? I decided to test it on a sunny day when during a bicycle riding, geocaching around the house with familly. I read the « how to » and was not a bad idea : got a nice result, really appreciating stuff. Only trouble, when I give it for one minute to my son, it turns in hours and was hard to get it back on my neck. So I made a couple of snaps with him... Great to have the box for temp storage.

Construction, Freight/Baggage, Drilling/Mining, Iron/Steel Work, Agriculture, Solar, Landscaping/Grounds


Chill-Its® 6602 Evaporative Cooling Towel

Cooling Towel: Dampen this synthetic space age towel to create a cooling aid significantly colder than ambient air.

TechTag PVA Cooling Towel      Machine Washable     
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    Chill-Its® 6602 Evaporative Cooling Towel

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    Chill-Its® 6602 Evaporative Cooling Towel

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    Chill-Its® 6602 Evaporative Cooling Towel

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