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  • 2-piece, 320g fleece design envelopes the face, neck and head
  • Built-in heat exchanger provides warm air for inhalation in extreme conditions
  • Form-fitting design prevents eyewear from fogging
  • Adjustable mask with hook and loop attachments
  • Removable face mask
  • Patented design
Brian Bicknese
Reviewed On 8/3/2012
I love this balaclava, who thinks of this stuff? Warming your breath, and it actually works!  Maybe a bit heavier material or windproof material as this bad boy usually only gets broken out on those extra chilly days. Increase length a bit as well.

Greg Patrick
Reviewed On 8/3/2012
It allows air exchange easily without fogging your goggles. It did a great job of keeping my face warm and protected from the environment! I haven’t had a chance to test it on a really tenacious day yet. Winter has not really put up much of a fight this year! I will update you when we get a great storm track.

Eric Larsen
Reviewed On 8/10/2012
I like that the mask is actually removable, the Velcro attachment is really nice and the fit of the main balaclava is EXCELLENT

Mike Dinndorf
Excelsior, MN
Hot Rox is AWESOME. It blocked the wind and felt great on my face. Add the Trapper hat and it’s FREAKIN’ AWESOME! They fit together perfectly. The temp was dropping fast and the wind chill was approaching -40 degrees with howling winds. Love this product!

Ian Handshy
St. Paul, MN
I use the 6970 Balaclava to run outside when the air temp is too cold to breathe. With the hot rox feature, my lungs only burn from the work-out, not because it's below freezing. Great product. Great solution for people who have to be outdoors in the cold for long durations of time.

Tyler Kuske
Reviewed On 3/18/2013
I think that the mask works great at keeping the cold air out and it fits on my face comfortably. The balaclava fits very well and keeps my entire head and face warm. The only problem is keeping my safety glasses from fogging up. If the mask could somehow seal the air from escaping out of the top (where it contacts the face) it would be perfect.
Ergoman Says: Thanks for the great review, TK! There IS a way to seal the mask. Did you try adjusting the nose piece? The 6970 has a metal nose piece that can be easily adjusted by pinching or molding to face (similar concept to a surgical mask). The metal is inside the mask, so you don’t see it, which is why it has a tendency to get missed. Try that and your foggy glasses should clear right up!

Jason Hess
Reviewed On 3/6/2015
Awesome! That is the one word I would choose for this one. It has been what could be described as a brutal winter here in Chicago. I have been wearing the balaclava because it is critical. From framing to snowblowing to just plain ol' being outside for work this product has been a godsend! The removable face mask is fantastic. Wearing safety glasses with any sort of face mask or dust mask leaves you blinded by fog. With this my entire head to the base of my neck is covered and WARM. The area around the face allows for unobstructed vision and the whole Balaclava moves with your head so it does not blind you when you turn your head. Plus it makes you look like a bad ass! I have nothing bad to say about it and cannot think of any improvements to be made. The guys at work are really jealous of my Ergodyne gear. A few of them have purchased some products through one of our suppliers. Awesome stuff guys! Keep up the good work!

Construction, Freight/Baggage, Drilling/
Mining, Oil/Gas Refining, Iron/Steel Work,
Delivery/Service, Landscaping/Grounds, Cold Storage/Warehousing, Material Handling


N-Ferno® 6970 Extreme Balaclava w/Hot Rox™

Extreme Balaclava w/Hot Rox™: Technologically advanced high-performance cold weather mask combats the damaging effects of cold air, controls moisture to keep your face dry, and keeps you warm.

TechTag Thermal      Reflective Accents      Machine Washable     
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    N-Ferno® 6970 Extreme Balaclava w/Hot Rox™

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    N-Ferno® 6970 Extreme Balaclava w/Hot Rox™

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    N-Ferno® 6970 Extreme Balaclava w/Hot Rox™

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