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  • Molded TPR armor on knuckles, fingers and carpal bone for impact protection, pinch injury prevention, and blow deflection
  • Armor “flex zones” for high dexterity
  • 5mm EVA dorsal pad protects vulnerable metacarpal region
  • 5mm EVA palm and ulnar padding protects against “chopping” blows
  • Abrasion resistant reinforcements on palm and 3 fingers limits liquid penetration; hi-vis orange for hand signaling
  • Non-slip Armortex® reinforcement zones on thumb saddle and index finger for enhanced protection, grip and durability
  • Reinforced Kevlar® palm stitching for extended wear and durability
  • Reflective accents and hi-vis color scheme for optimal hand visibility
  • Contoured neoprene cuff with reflective pull-on tab resists snagging while offering a secure fit and easy on/off
  • Patented design
  • EN 420; EN 388: 4132
Tazewell, VA
I'm a roof bolter machine operator in underground coal mines. i bought these gloves to wear to protect my hands and wrists from falling rock. They provide excellent protection. they are also very durable. one pair lasted through 4 weeks of daily use and 4 washes in the washing machine before they were unusable. really good compared to illinois gloves meta miner ultimates which only last 2 weeks if that.
Ergoman Says: Thanks Jonathan

Randy Meddings
Reviewed On 8/13/2012
The gloves are great for protecting my hands from impact by the material and equipment we handle here at the highway department. They aren’t good for keeping my hands warm. I’d like them more if they had some Thinsulate included in the construction.
Ergoman Says: Great. Check out the 925F(x)WP and super-warm 925F(x)OD for cold-weather options!

Zach Kellogg
Reviewed On 1/14/2014
These gloves are great, just wish I would have gotten the windproof, thermal kind (these dont't do well if they get wet or in the cold they stiffen up). These gloves are not ventilated the best, your hands get somewhat hot n sweaty. Wish this product had more breathable material. They fit comfortably, snug around the wrist. Padding on back of hand/fingers is great. Helps protect, but does not take away from movement or flexibility. PVC stitching was my main concern. Stitching is holding up for the most part with the exception of a loose end or too that can just be snipped off (it will not keep unraveling, which is good) Kevlar padding in palm is amazing, provides great confort and a very strong hold. Like I said, gives you a strong HOLD...but these gloves do not have the greatest grip. The gription material is much better than the Kevlar and PVC as far as "grippiness" goes but when I slip on these gloves I just feel stronger! Hi-vis is great, subtle, not overwhelming on the wrist cuff. These gloves are slip-on, not Velcro strap so I thought that they would loosten up after a long period of taking them on and off but, the wrist cuff has stayed snug thus far. Overall, this product would be 10/10 if it was better ventilated and was more "grippy". Other than that, no complaints on this end, great product!

Allen Ponce
Reviewed On 4/2/2014
This time I get to talk about the 925 Original version, this gloves are my "go to" gloves when it comes to use powertools, and hammer drills, due to the ability to keep my hands safe from debrie and when it comes to drilling in confined spaces avoid injuries. The fit is great, and the ability to be able to take them off fast enough and put them back on makes them even better. The ventilation is also awesome for those hot days when you need to keep your hands cool and safe. The dexterity is great, you forget you have gloves on due to the fact that they fit "like a glove". Pros: Dexterity, Protection, Hi-Viz, Durability, Great fitting, Great for working on hot weather. Cons: None that I can notice. Great product, Overall 5 Stars, No complains at all

Huntsville, AL
Hands down the most durable "mechanics style" gloves on the market. Comfortable, very breathable, and indestructible. Ive used these for about 5 months and they are hoding up well. Most gloves wont last much more than 2 months for me since im always handling dirty items and moving lots of gabian stone by hand, tying hard rope everyday use... Ive tried them all and while these are a little more expensive than most, they more than make up for it in durability. Ive tried Duluth, craftsaman, mechanics impact, and countless leather gloves from all stores, these are much much better. Plus they look awesome.

Oil/Gas Drilling, Extraction and Refining, Fracking, Tool Pushing, Mining, Demolition, Heavy Construction, Cargo Handling, Ironwork, Bat Chain Pulling


ProFlex® 925F(x) Dorsal Impact-Reducing Gloves

Dorsal Impact-Reducing Gloves: Maximum back-of-hand impact protection meets superior abrasion resistance, dexterity and grip.

TechTag EN Compliant      Dorsal Protection      Abrasion Resistant      High Visibility      Reflective Accents      Machine Washable     
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    ProFlex® 925F(x) Dorsal Impact-Reducing Gloves

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    ProFlex® 925F(x) Dorsal Impact-Reducing Gloves

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    ProFlex® 925F(x) Dorsal Impact-Reducing Gloves

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