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  • Tough (BPA Free) impact resistant Tritan copolyester plastic
  • Odor resistant with enhanced durability to high heat and humidity
  • Wide mouth to easily fit ice cubes
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Colors: Orange, Gray, or Lime
Daniel Hutton
Reviewed On 3/18/2013
No complaints about the 5151 bottle from me. Colors are great, lid is tough, bottle is tough, strap is tough. The logo has gotten a bit scratched up but that just make it look badass. Sharpie on the ID tag has stayed put since day one. Not much you can say other than it's better than all the other guys water bottles on site. Stay hydrated with some style.

Tom Sperring
Reviewed On 8/6/2013
I used the wide mouth water bottle at work but it turned out that I found it more helpful at wrestling practice. It holds more then 32 ounces and you need lots of fluids to get through a grueling training session. I've had a lots of water bottles over the years, and this one is top quality. It is made of thick bpa free plastic that can take being tossed in a gym bag or knocked around on the floor. The lid and opening are huge which allow me to chug water when I only have a minute between rounds. The only negative to this bottle is that water tends to sit on the inside of the lid causing it to drip alot when first opened

Jason D Zufelt
West Jordan, UT
The ergodyne 5151 Wide Mouth Water Bottle is the last water bottle you will buy. (Unless you lose yours) I have yet to find an ice cube that will not fit into this water bottle. The plastic that holds the lid to the bottle is very strong it stays clipped to my carabineer all day and shows no signs of tear or coming off the bottle top. When I was inspecting the water bottle, this looked to be a week point and I had some concerns. But let me reassure you this is not the case. One of my guy thought it was a lot to pay for a water bottle but I don’t think he has been to any sporting goods or department stores in a while to buy a water bottle. And even if you could find a water bottle for a lower price I assure you that the saying is true you get what you pay for.

Road Construction, Utility Crew, Survey Crew, Construction, Railway Workers, Warehousing/Distribution, Freight/Baggage, Oil/Gas Refining, Drilling/Mining, Landscaping/Grounds


Chill-Its® 5151 Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Portable water bottle to keep you hydrated while away from a water source.

TechTag Anti Stink      Machine Washable     
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    Chill-Its® 5151 Wide Mouth Water Bottle

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    Chill-Its® 5151 Wide Mouth Water Bottle

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    Chill-Its® 5151 Wide Mouth Water Bottle

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