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  • One 5850 Buddies Carrier
  • Two 5875 large Buddies (blue and yellow)
  • Two 5876 small Buddies (green and red)
  • Kitted together for one complete system
  • Heavy-duty YKK zippers
  • Rugged construction with extra bartacks and nylon stitching
  • Comfortable carry handle and included shoulder strap
  • Includes 5" x 8" (13.5cm x 20cm) plastic parts organizer
Greg Patrick
Reviewed On 7/8/2013
Thanks Ergodyne for acknowledging my mess of a tool bag and helping me clean up my act! The 5850 buddy System is the perfect fit for keeping tools and gear organized and ready for use. No more digging through my mess to access the right tool. It's all right there where you need it. The carrier is heavy duty enough to be strapped on an ATV and hauled to remote tenaciousness or drug around the job site.

Brad Schneider
Reviewed On 8/12/2013
I got this product to use at work, but once I got it I didn't want to get it filthy. It is now my electrician bag with the clamshells I can organize screws, wire nuts, wire clamps etc and still have room for my tools. It is a great product for people who like to be organized. It has different color clamshells so it is easy to find the item you need. The bag and the clamshells are well built.

Daniel Hutton
Reviewed On 11/22/2013
If you need to get organized and keep your day moving along smoothly, get this bag. I purchased the 5850K bag system to ease the burden on my 5815 tool pouch and it accomplished that in spades. I needed an extra bag to store my drills and drill accessories with and eventually found this product. The whole system works together so well not just on it's own, but with my other bag as well. There really isn't much I can think to praise this bag about other than how much it has helped me get and stay organized, efficient, and prepared for the work day ahead. It obviously is built with true "ergonacity" in mind and as you handle it you'll come to realize that. The included plastic organizer on the side with a fold-down Velcro cover rocks for small parts but like all the included plastic bins, it's kinda wimpy. The only part of the bag itself i could see needing improvement is having a Velcro strap or strip to cover or hold closed the mesh pouch on the end and maybe add a pouch to the front outside panel of the bag. Fairly minor details all in all.

Allen Ponce
Reviewed On 2/12/2014
Excellent product. Its a keeper for me :D I will give Pro's and Con's Pro: The size is just excellent to be able to handle several tools, including a full set of screwdrivers and pliers, the clamshells are really good to keep specialized tools separated from the regular trade tools, like precision screwdrivers or ESD tools that I use a lot when handling with the electronics side of my job, Large clamshells are able to fit a fully equipped clampmeter with some other stuff and not look bulky, and also be able to keep my not so used gear in another of those lil bags, like my esd gloves and so on. Cons: It lacks of a protection for the lower part maybe it was a reducing weight deal, but it would really improve the uses if it had not a lot but at least half an inch of protection, sometimes you want to set it on the floor but you end up setting it on a chair or some other place mainly when its oily or the floor is moist, to keep it from getting the lower part too dirty or stained with oil, the other improvement that it could be made, even if its designed to be really comfortable the shoulder strap when fully loaded its a little burden, it needs to be a little bit longer like 2 inches and more padding or a different more easy on the shoulder material, we are carrying with a ton of tools on a thin layer of padding and even if its a short distance its hard on the shoulder, or have an extra padded shoulder straps for the ones that have the need of carrying extra stuff all the time like me. Overall it is an excellent product, for electricians, repair men and overall most trades, the size fits most tools, even small battery powered drills or other power tools.
Ergoman Says: Thanks Allen! Great to have feedback with Pros and Cons. If you’re looking for a carrier for heavier loads that has a molded base, check out our 5810 Open Top Tool Organizer or our 5804 Widemouth Tool Organizer. All of those handy buddies can be put in any of our tool bags. Keep the feedback coming!

Kelly Greenlee
Reviewed On 4/22/2014
I wanted a smaller more easily organized bag to use as my first responder medic bag. This bag is very nice. It comes with 2 Lg zipper clamshells and 2 sm zipper clamshells. Red and Green are small while Blue and Yellow are Lg. I was able to organize a very usable first responder bag. I will make this comment though, 4 clamshells is not enough! It has room for at 3 more Lg ones! Also would love to see this bag with a zippered bottom 1 - 2 deep with plenty of elastic loops like on the inside of the lid. You know Medics, we have all kinds of do dads and thing a ma jiggies that need to be secured. The elastic loops on the lid are great for pins and small diameter items. Bigger items like trauma sheers have to be forced into them. Maybe a multi-sizable velcro strip. Very nice bag and well built too.

Greg Patrick
Boise, ID
This bag is an excellent accessory or main tool storage bag. The added Buddy Bags make it easy to keep things organized and find what you need in a hurry. Tough material holds up well. Added perimeter storage pockets are great for hand tools and small items.

Benjamin Remer
Green Bay, WI
I have had this bag for several years and I really like it. It is very durable and holds a lot of equipment. I have filled the clamshells with different types of electrical fittings and the storage container with an assortment of wire nuts and connectors. Using this bag makes it possible for me to travel around from job to job and have all the materials and tools I need and keeps them organized so they are easy to find.

David Van Brunt
Pomona, CA
Staying organized is the key to a frustration free day. Spending 10 minutes looking for a tool or a part is a major time waster and time is money. So for me I try to stay organized. It is pretty hard since I carry just about everything on my service truck. That is why the Buddy System Carrier is so great. The carrier is compact yet roomy enough to carry plenty of tools and also the four smaller buddy clamshells. With this bag you will be hard pressed to be disorganized. The bag itself is high quality and fully loaded it feels very secure when carried with the shoulder strap. All around a great carrier.

Maintenance, HVAC, Carpentry, Electricians, Service, Contractors, Trades, Mechanics


Arsenal® 5850K Buddy System - Carrier & Clamshells

Your Buddy System includes the 5850 Tool and Equipment Carrier and 4 color coded clamshells (two small & two large. The most efficient way of carrying all the necessary tools for the job. Grab and go access for workers going from job to job and easy color coded identification for determining which clamshell holds what equipment.

TechTag Ballistic Material      Abrasion Resistant      Puncture Resistant     
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    Arsenal® 5850K Buddy System - Carrier & Clamshells

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    Arsenal® 5850K Buddy System - Carrier & Clamshells

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    Arsenal® 5850K Buddy System - Carrier & Clamshells

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