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The Story

It all started in 1983. True, it wasn’t the first year Mondays started to suck. But something had to give. So we threw our hat in the ring and started making innovative, high-quality gear designed to Make the Workplace a Betterplace.

Sure, we barked up a wrong tree here or there. We even dabbled in patient mover gadgets, ergonomic office chairs and other deskie-type sundries (ah, to be young again!). But in the end, our hearts were always with the folks in the trenches.

Now more than 30 years later, here we are, the proud choice for those who demand performance, productivity and a return on their investment. Funny what you can accomplish with some good ideas, a little bit of guts and a pair of brass cojones.

the cabin
    • '83 - '85 Born In A Small Log Cabin: Think humble beginnings; fits and starts; growing pains; and primordial ooze. We boldly attempt to go where no one had gone before: well crafted, thoughtfully designed, innovative work gear. The result? Success! We only ran out of money twice!
    • '85 - '86 Startin’ To Get Our Sea Legs: We rename the company to Ergodyne and launch the flagship ProFlex® brand. According to The Old Ones, thus commenced the Great Barnstorming Tours of the mid-80s.
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    • '86 - '92 Growin’ Like Topsy! Sales blow past the “hot cake threshold” and we hit #243 (’91) and #165 (’92) on the celebrated Inc. 500 List. On top of the world, we begin diversifying our offering, developing innovative vibration-reducing gloves while establishing and pioneering the office ergonomics category.
    • '92 - '94 The Man Steps In: NIOSH and their minions rain buzz kill all over our parade, and we are forced to mount a revival of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. (Note: We’re Jimmy Stewart.) Even though we eventually beat Claude Raines, the realization sinks in: we need to recalibrate our plans.
    • '94 - '01 Wilderness Years... Sure we wander a bit aimlessly, eat a few locusts and wear some uncomfortable fur tunics, but we also begin to prepare for the comeback. We redesign and expand the ProFlex® Hand Protection Line (successful!); experiment with ergonomic seating (less successful!); develop and patent the award-winning On3® Patient Transfer Device (still one our proudest achievements!); introduce the Chill-Its® brand (Licensed to Chill!) and search for a way forward...
    • '01 - '07 Got Our Mojo Workin’: In 2001, we molt “pure ergo” like a seriously badass rattler and establish the Tenacious Work Gear® concept. This entails selling the On3® line and adopting an aggressive new product strategy focused on Managing the Elements, Improving Prevention and Providing Protection. We turn it up further by launching GloWear®, Squids®, N-Ferno® and Arsenal® brands.
    • '08 - '13 Setting the Controls for the Sun: The pipeline is full and pumping 100% light sweet innovation, including our newest hits: CORE Performance Work Wear®, SHAX® Portable Work Shelters and Skullerz Head Protection. We establish the Tenacious Holdings Inc.® platform and bolt on Basic Issue Sourcing®.
    • '14 - '15 Pumping more Protection: We combined, designed and launched some huge lines including CORE Performance Work Wear®, Flame Resistant Apparel, and Skullerz® Eye Protection adding to the Skullerz® Head, Eye, and Face protection collection. Our newest site (you're looking at it!) is up and more mobile than ever. Spanning the globe, we are sure to experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat while firmly resolved to always Be Tenacious.