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Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Red Auerbach and … uh… Sharon Osbourne? Leadership comes in many forms. However it gets done, someone needs to take the reins and work the compass. We proudly present our fearless leaders.

  • I became president and CEO of Minnesota-based Ergodyne in 1985 – just two years after becoming the company’s first full-time employee. This sounds like a big hoop-dee-doo. It was not. We were out of dough and everyone else had jumped ship. Well, all righty then! I had a nice break (meeting the beloved J.E. Barnard), needed buckets of tenacity and got down to business. This meant a couple decades or so of living on planes, trains and automobiles. Elegant and glorious. We’ve had a myriad of challenges and changes since...

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  • A native Minnesotan, I grew up about 45 miles west of Minneapolis in Waconia when it was just a small town with a population around 2,000. I am the middle of three girls – always striving to out-perform my overachieving older sister and seeking some of the attention my younger baby sister received. This combination made me a fierce competitor, but also a negotiator and peacemaker...

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  • Originally from Massachusetts, I literally fought my way through a family of five brothers (explains this annoying little facial twitch). Graduated from Boston University and began my "working" life as a physical therapist and then a variety of safety sales positions before embarking on my journey from darkness to light (light being the start of my career at Ergodyne in 1998 of course). Extending the metaphor, it was also a move from cloudy Pittsburgh to sunny St. Paul; figure that was mostly a push weather-wise...

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  • Born and raised in the Badger state, which helps explain my childhood ambition, I grew up playing every sport imaginable from sun up until sun down. Was forced into child labor by my parents who owned a landscape business and flower shop. Those early work experiences with my mom and dad taught me the value of hard work and that is something has stuck with me, and driven me, throughout my career. It also taught me to always keep my lawn well maintained and my flowers properly watered and amply fertilized...

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  • Growing up on the east side of town, I started life out as a St. Joe's Jet, made my way to become a Visitation Blazer, Tar Heel and then rounded things out as a Tommie with a BA in Communication. I've dabbled outside of this frigid state to awesome places like North Carolina, New York and Rome – but it never stuck (cuz there's no place like home… or maybe I just like to torture myself), until my husband and I recently took our family across the state line to a sweet river town, called Hudson. Lower your brows, Vikings fans, it's a charming place and a mere 25 minutes from the cities...

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Behold! The faces behind our Tenacious Work Gear®. The ones inside cranking out light, sweet innovation and the peeps who have the know-how required to keep the wheels turning at the speed of ligero. They’ve got some major street cred. Bragging? Maybe.