10 Dec 15

New Arsenal® 5144 Backpack

St. Paul, Minn. (December 10, 2015) – Ergodyne announced today the launch of the Arsenal® GB5144 Mobile Office Backpack. Offering a more spacious and comfortable way to transport a laptop, tablet, and other office supplies to the jobsite, this backpack has been a favorite brand premium item since the initial launch in 2014 and because of the hype, has been added to our Arsenal® Gear Storage Line as a permanent backpack. Read More

19 Nov 15

New Squids® Self Adhering Tape

St. Paul, Minn. (November 19, 2015) – Ergodyne announced today the addition of a new Squids® Tool Connector: the Squids® 3755 Self-Adhering Tape Trap. Without the use of a heat source or messy adhesives, the 3755 creates a secure connection point for nearly any tool in a matter of seconds (when used with Squids® Web Tails). Read More

16 Nov 15

Outside's Magazine Best Places to Work

St. Paul, Minn. (September 24, 2015) – Ergodyne announced today that it has been chosen as the third Best Place to Work in America by OUTSIDE Magazine for 2015. Each year, OUTSIDE recognizes the top 100 companies in America that help their employees achieve ideal work-life balance. These companies encourage employees to lead an active lifestyle and prioritize giving back to the community. This is the fourth consecutive year Ergodyne has made the list. Read More

24 Sep 15

N-Ferno Feet Warmers

St. Paul, Minn. (September 24, 2015) – Just in time for winter, Ergodyne announced today the launch of the N-Ferno® Disposable Foot Warmer (Model 6995). This disposable, one-size-fits-all foot warming pack will help workers work well and comfortably in any indoor or outdoor jobsite where the thermometer knows only one reading: cold. Read More

27 Aug 15

Squids Grabbers

St. Paul, Minn. (August 27, 2015) – Ergodyne announced today the launch of their latest worksite organizer innovation – the Squids® 3410 Suction Cup Anchor Mount and Squids® 3415 Magnet Anchor Mount. Meant to organize jobsite essentials on more than just a belt, the suction cup anchor mount and magnet anchor mount attach to various surfaces on the jobsite and allow workers to hang supplies like gloves, towels, and paperwork nearby for easy organization. Read More

6 Aug 15

Squids Tool Connectors

St. Paul, Minn. (August 6, 2015) – Ergodyne announced today the expansion of their Objects at Heights collection with the launch of two new wrist lanyards – the Squids® 3114 Pull-On Wrist Lanyard (Carabiner) and Squids® 3116 Pull-On Wrist Lanyard (Buckle). For tools at or under 3lbs (1.4kg), the Squids®3114/3116 Pull-On Wrist Lanyards offer an ideal solution for tethering by limiting the drop distance of the tool, reducing snag and tangle hazards, and offering an easy and quick exchange of multiple tools. Read More

31 Jul 15

65 Roses Golf Tournament

St. Paul, Minn. (July 31, 2015) – Ergodyne hosted its eighteenth annual 65 Roses Golf Classic: A Tenacious Tournament Monday, July 20, 2015 at the Legends Golf Club in Prior Lake, Minnesota. The sold out event brings together leading safety industry manufacturers, distributors, reps, and end users from all over North America to raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF). This year, an amazing $234,125 was raised for a total of $2.63 million since the tournament began in 1997. Primary sponsors of the 2015 tournament included Superior 3rd Party Logistics, the Votel Family Foundation, ISK Industries, JDF Associates, and Sqwincher. Read More

25 Jun 15

Chill-Its Hydration Pump

St. Paul, Minn. (June 25, 2015) – Ergodyne announced today the launch of a new hydration accessory to the Chill-Its® Line of Cooling Gear: the Chill-Its® 5158 Hydration Pack Pressure Pump. Compatible with all Chill-Its® Hydration Packs, the hydration pump draws water from the hydration pack, creating a quick, pressurized stream of water. Read More

23 Jun 15

Squids Tool Traps

St. Paul, Minn. (June 23, 2015) – Ergodyne announced today the addition of two new solutions within their Objects at Heights Collection: the Squids® 3780S/3780L Power Tool Trap and Squids® 3770 Tape Measure Trap. Both solutions give popular but difficult to tether objects, like cordless power tools and tape measures, a convenient and secure attachment point for tethering at height.
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18 Jun 15

Skullerz Kryptec Safety Glasses

St. Paul, Minn. (June 18, 2015) – Ergodyne has announced today the availability of two new Kryptek® camo patterns to their popular Skullerz® Eyewear Series. The two new patterns: Highlander and Typhon transcend the line from workplace to woods, delivering ANSI-compliance with a unique and cutting edge look they’ll want to wear on and off the job.

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