27 Oct 20

Ergodyne Trex Ice Traction

Preventing worksite fall accidents with ice cleats and spikeless traction devices.

If over a quarter century of America’s Funniest Home Videos has taught us anything, it’s that people fall—a lot. But with falls accounting for over 30,000 deaths in the U.S. each year (the third highest among accidental deaths), it’s not always as funny as Bob Saget, Tom Bergeron, Alfonso Ribiero or *insert dad-joke machine here* make it seem. And while Canada may not have AFV, they still have their fair share of wipeouts. Each year in the North, over 42,000 workers are injured in fall accidents—accounting for nearly one out of every five “time-loss injuries”.

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12 Oct 20

Demand the Safety to do Great Things

Tackling the largest high-rise solar panel installation in US history.

San Antonio, 1880. The Pearl Brewery opens its doors, on its way to becoming the city’s largest employer and the top brewery in all of Texas. Flash forward to 2001. For the first time in 118 years, the suds stopped flowing. Abandoned and desolate, The Pearl Brewery—and all the excitement, pride and economic mojo that went along with it—had gone flat. It’s hollowed-out shell left to decay in the city’s center. 

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