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14 Apr 16

A Tone for Every Task

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Technology At Work - Trades Gloves

Horses of a different color are one thing. But what about work gloves? Distinguished by more than just cutting-edge technology, our new ProFlex® Trades Series Gloves are designed to show their true colors in a wide variety of applications.

Built on two platforms: the Utility and Heavy-Duty Utility, all 14 models feature a brand new design and offer the protection and durability workers expect from Ergodyne.  But sometimes, the job requires a little something extra.  The new Trades Series now offers models specifically focused on high dexterity, touch screen capabilities, enhanced cut resistance, and genuine leather reinforcments. These added features are clearly communicated through a unique color-coded accent system.

That’s right … there’s a tone for every task on your daily to-do. Enhanced features are indicated by a convenient color-coded accent system designed into each glove model. This system makes it easier for workers to select enhanced features and for safety managers to identify the gloves being used.

Specific features on each glove are indicated by the following colors:

  • Yellow = + HIGH DEXTERITY

Now, workers can determine the safety specialty of each glove at a glance – and choose the model to handle their hazards accordingly.

Life may be a series of choices, but we just made one easier for you.

As most of us can attest to from personal experience, today’s drivers are more distracted than a bull at a red carpet event. That inattention puts not only themselves and other drivers at risk, but road construction workers as well.