8 Feb 21

Worker working in the heat drinking water

Heat-related illness accounted for 815 worker fatalities and over 66,000 injuries in the United States between 1992 and 2017. And with average heat indexes perennially rising, it’s never been more crucial for employers to establish comprehensive heat stress prevention plans to keep workers safe. Read More

24 Apr 19

Skilled Trades Jobs Declining

It’s 2019 and the robots haven’t taken over…yet. Despite wild internet theories and predictions that robotics and automation would take jobs away from Americans, especially in the labor and trades, the United States is actually looking at a large skills gap in the trades and an even larger number of unfilled jobs. Read More

31 Dec 18


Ergodyne 2019 New Year Post

New partnerships forged. Three-and-half decades celebrated. Pioneering (and award-winning) innovations launched. Tracks laid for the next XXXV.

How do you follow up a year like 2018? Read More

21 Mar 18

ISEA 121 Dropped Objects Standard Awaiting Final Approval

Drops Free Zone - Preventing Falling Objects at Heights

Over the past year, Ergodyne and several leading safety equipment manufacturers have been working with the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) to develop a standard for equipment solutions that prevent dropped objects. Read More

10 Jan 17

Hello, 2017: We’ve Been Waiting for You

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The past two years in the industrial space have been tricky, to say the least. But with evolving safety standards on the horizon and frankly, a new administration in place, some opportunities may open up. So we’re cautiously bullish for 2017 and beyond. Read More

11 Oct 16

What Ergonomics Means to Ergodyne

National Ergonomics Month


Since 2003, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society has designated October as National Ergonomics Month to raise occupational ergonomic awareness. Given our company’s ergonomic underpinnings, this month is particularly important to us. Read More

20 Sep 16

How Safety Gear Aids Disaster Relief Efforts

Giving Team - Ergodyne [GPV id=2995]

Disasters – whether natural or man-made – only seem to be increasing in ferocity and frequency. Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, oil spills, and more are damaging towns and ecosystems, and often require extensive (and expensive) clean up after. Unfortunately, well-intentioned volunteers are often ill-equipped to safely and adequately sort through refuse and debris. During National Preparedness Month, it’s important for people to be ready for weather’s worst.
Read More

12 Apr 16

Giving Visibility to Work Zone Awareness Week

New Hi-Vis Apparel - Black Bottom

As most of us can attest to from personal experience, today’s drivers are more distracted than a bull at a red carpet event. That inattention puts not only themselves and other drivers at risk, but road construction workers as well.

This year’s Work Zone Awareness Week is April 11-15 and it couldn’t come at a better time. A new study out claims that drivers are distracted more than half the time they are behind the wheel, doubling their risk of a car crash. So this is undoubtedly an important week to encourage safe driving through work zones. Read More