19 Nov 18

Guide to Surviving Black Friday

While we humbly suggest using the time to catch up with friends, family and your favorite spot on the couch, we realize the draw of skipping out of Thanksgiving dinner to get a really great price on a toaster oven may be too good to resist. In that case, please PLEASE review and observe these critical tips for Black Friday survival. Godspeed. Read More

15 Nov 16

How to Develop a Cold Stress Prevention Plan

Cold Stress Prevention Plan

In 2014, prolonged exposure to cold injured 380 workers in the U.S. But just because weather patterns are unpredictable and cold may be constant doesn’t mean worker illnesses, injuries and fatalities have to be as well. Coupled with the right controls and proper personal protective equipment (PPE), this number can be reduced to a familiar wintertime temperature: zero. Read More

25 Oct 16

Why Sports and Workplace Knee Injuries Aren’t the Same

Knee Injury

If you’re a sports fan, it’s hard not to know something about knee injuries. After all, odds are your favorite team has been affected by a torn ACL, a dislocated knee cap, or another acute knee ailment at some point. Read More

6 Sep 16

The Eight Commandments of Proper Lifting

8 Commandments of Proper Lifting Using Back Supports

Lower, upper, spinal or otherwise, experiencing back pain is almost an aging rite of passage. Consider that four out of every five people will experience back pain in their lifetime, and sprains and strains are the numbers one injury resulting in days away from work! Read More

30 Aug 16

Why Nighttime Road Construction Workers Need to Take a Shine to Hi-Vis Apparel

Hi-Vis at Night

As urban areas become increasingly crowded and congested, more road construction projects are being done at night to minimize the disruption to traffic and give workers a break from summer’s oppressive heat. Read More

16 Aug 16

Five Ways to Fight Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome

Anti-Vibration Gloves

When you man a jackhammer to bring home the bacon, lasting exposure to vibrating tools and equipment can result in a serious condition with a lasting impact. Read More

9 Aug 16

How to Activate Chill-Its® Cooling Work Gear

How to Activate Chill-its Cooling Gear

Much like the wind-up chattering teeth that entertained millions of kids since 1949, our Chill-Its® Cooling Products won’t work unless you know how to activate them. Read More

2 Aug 16

Why Portable Shade Matters

Portable Shade

The iconic Willie Nelson song “On the Road Again” may have been about his life as a traveling musician, but it also describes the working conditions of many who make their hay on the highways and byways, construction sites, farms, towers, rigs … (you get the picture!) Fact is, workers who don’t spend their days penned in a cubicle need a place to take shelter when the scorching sun starts to feel like they’re working under a heat gun.

Read More

12 Jul 16

Six Tips for Safely Working at Heights

Objects at Heights Tips

When working at heights, tethering tools and equipment should never be an afterthought. We all know the old “penny dropped from the top of the Empire State Building” math. Add a few more pounds and a spike, and you’ve got an incredibly dangerous situation on your hands. Even something as benign as a bolt (or a penny) can become deadly with enough vertical velocity. Read More

5 Jul 16

Three Ways Safety Managers Can Help Their Crews When the Heat is On

Evaporative Cooling

To all the foremen, pack leaders, and decision-makers out there: if you work in an area subject to the whims of the changing seasons, spring and summer are undoubtedly your busiest seasons. Contractors roll in to the jobsite while trucks roll out. It’s a beautiful thing.
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