3 Jan 20

Level 5, cut C, A3…WTF?! If you’re confused about cut standards, take a number, friendo – you’re not the only one. Luckily, we have an all-access pass to some of the foremost safety nerds around, so how ‘bout we dive into this dumbfounding domain of cut-resistance standards and decode it together, shall we? Read More

6 Dec 19

Dual Compliant FR Balaclava

Professional stuntmen, race car drivers, Bruce Willis…and you? All major badasses, of course, but what these people all have in common is the fact that explosions are an inherent risk in their day job. And if you work in one of the industries where an arc flash or flash fire risk is present, you understand the need for the right protective equipment. Read More

26 Jul 18

ANSI/ISEA 121 Standard

The Dropped Objects Standard has arrived – along with plenty of questions about what it all means. Here are the five most important things you absolutely positively need to know about ANSI/ISEA 121-2018. Read More

10 Apr 18

Safety Stand Down

Join your brothers and sisters in arms across the country for National Safety Stand-Down, May 7 – May 11. It’s easy. Gather your crew for a toolbox talk, conduct an equipment inspection or discuss job-specific hazards. (Just don’t forget the donuts.) You can even check out our ever-expanding library of Toolbox Talks to help lead the discussion. Read More

21 Mar 18

ISEA 121 Dropped Objects Standard Awaiting Final Approval

Drops Free Zone - Preventing Falling Objects at Heights

Over the past year, Ergodyne and several leading safety equipment manufacturers have been working with the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) to develop a standard for equipment solutions that prevent dropped objects. Read More

27 Jul 16

What You Should Know About Testing to a Safety Factor

Men Working at Height

At Ergodyne, all trapping and tethering solutions are “third-party certified to a 2:1 safety factor.” That’s pretty critical … but you won’t know just how important without first understanding what it actually means. Read More

21 Jun 16

PPE’s Role in Reducing Heat Stress

Heat Stress

In summer’s sweltering heat, certain clothes can bake – not make – the man. Employers owe it to their workers to make sure they are properly and adequately equipped to handle the heat that can make an otherwise normal work day, a complete beatdown.

Read More

2 May 16

Setting a Standard for At-Heights Safety

Safety Stand Down - Stop Construction Falls

Today kicks off the third annual National Safety Stand-Down, which runs through May 6, 2016. While it is a critical week for raising awareness and improving education about how to prevent falling people, there is another at-heights hazard that deserves just as much attention. Read More

20 Apr 16

Examining OSHA’s Latest Eye Protection Rule

OSHA Eye Protection Rule

Much has changed since 2010: fashion, your iPhone, and maybe even your waistline. When it comes to eye protection however, OSHA is still catching up. Last year, ANSI/ISEA Z87.1, the U.S. Occupational & Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices Standard (read: the Eyewear Standard), was updated from a 2010 revision to a 2015. While there were some changes to test method references for certain types of products as part of the 2015 revision, the overall testing and marking criteria for safety spectacles remained unchanged. Read More

12 Apr 16

Giving Visibility to Work Zone Awareness Week

New Hi-Vis Apparel - Black Bottom

As most of us can attest to from personal experience, today’s drivers are more distracted than a bull at a red carpet event. That inattention puts not only themselves and other drivers at risk, but road construction workers as well.

This year’s Work Zone Awareness Week is April 11-15 and it couldn’t come at a better time. A new study out claims that drivers are distracted more than half the time they are behind the wheel, doubling their risk of a car crash. So this is undoubtedly an important week to encourage safe driving through work zones. Read More