31 Aug 20

Cut Protection Sleeves

Increasing arm protection in the workplace.

For most, mention of the phrase “cut resistance” conjures up visions of safety gloves in all of their glorious levels—from A1 to A9 and all the knick, slice and gash protection in between. But sharp objects don’t play fair, and it’s not only hands that are at risk. A piece of jagged steel won’t be serendipitously removed from your path before it assails you above the wrist.

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28 Aug 20

SPPS Food Delivery Worker

Delivering millions of student meals in the face of a global pandemic and oppressive summer temps.

Start with 90-degree heat and underwear-sticking humidity, add a school bus without air conditioning, a handful of unruly dogs and—because hey, why the heck not—sprinkle on a global pandemic for good measure. 

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17 Jun 20

Telecom Worker

With ever-changing risks confronting workers daily, there is a constant challenge to keep them safe. New technology development is certainly crucial to the goal of zero injuries, but how does one take it all in, roll out a safety program and adapt that program amidst constant change? Read More

17 Jun 20

Ergodyne Tool Lanyards

44,000 workers were injured by dropped objects in 2017. 50,000 workers were injured in 2018. You don’t have to do the math to know we’ve got a problem on our hands. Read More

17 Jun 20

Working at heights - safety gear

A tower technician’s relentless climb toward a safer, smarter and empowered army of tradespeople

A 20-year ascension up the ranks of the wireless communications game has put tower climber Brian Bicknese in a unique position to see just how far the industry has come and all the challenges waiting on the horizon. Read More

17 Jun 20

Working at Heights Tool Lanyards Ergodyne

In 2018, dropped objects accounted for 278 fatalities and 52,000 injuries. Those incidents not only cost hundreds of lives, they cost hundreds of dollars (like, $403 million of them). Read More

17 Jun 20

Ergodyne Objects at Heights Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talks are intended to facilitate worksite health and safety conversations. Click here to download talking points on the basics of creating tethering attachment points on your tools to prevent dropped objects. Read More

17 Jun 20

Ergodyne Eye Protection Safety Glasses

One of the most common incidents on jobsites, an average of 2,000 U.S. workers suffer eye injuries requiring medical treatment each day with 100 resulting in missed workdays for recovery. These injuries cost more than $300 million per year in lost production time, medical expenses and worker’s compensation — not to mention potentially lifelong consequences for the worker. Read More

17 Jun 20

Skin Protection

We’d like to take a moment to talk about the sun. You know, the life-enabling center of our universe and a muse for everyone from The Beatles to Sheryl Crow. But for all it giveth, it taketh away — and those who do not respect the sun’s almighty powers may ultimately find themselves in a world of skin damage. Read More

17 Jun 20

Working in the Cold

How many shifts have ended with your hands feeling cold, wet and numb because your winter work gloves couldn’t do what they’re literally made to do? Well, and bear with us here, what if we told you it’s not always the gloves’ fault? Read More