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30 Oct 18


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Digital Evolution

All year long we’re celebrating the moments that got us to this great spot: 35 years of Making the Workplace a Betterplace. It’s a tribute to our history and the big part you’ve played in it. So join us every month for a new tale, a fresh playlist of tasty tunes and more … ‘cuz there ain’t no party like an Ergodyne party, and this one’s gonna go down in the books, kids.

By the 2010s, the Internet had morphed into being a novel way for college kids to download Dark Side of the Moon at 40 Kbps (have you ever played it to the Wizard of Oz? Stuff will blow your mind, man…), into something completely different. The iPhone put the World Wide Web in everybody’s pocket and forever changed our relationship to it.

“Around this time Google started punishing websites that weren’t mobile friendly,” explains Theresa Kuske, Ergodyne’s Senior Digital Marketing Manager. “Our whole strategy and experience online needed to shift with it.”

Evolution of the Ergodyne website

A new responsive website would become the hub of everything Ergo. Social channels opened up engagement with workers in the trenches, offering product feedback in a flash. All the better to keep the mission honest and on course, as reviews and recommendations from other customers became the most important advertising vehicle.

With a database of info and a direct line to in-house experts, education and product info, Ergodyne had been one of the first in the staid industrial safety space to take advantage of the Internet’s potential in the 1990s. Now with their move to a new website and online strategy, the company souped up the content to match the “on demand” demands of Web 2.0 — including how-to videos, interactive training tools and more.

For decades, Ergodyne had been seen as the authority in industrial safety among distributors, safety managers and workers — now they had taken the important steps of making sure Google saw them in the same light too.