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26 Feb 14

Ergodyne Launches New Tool Connectors Series For Safely Tethering Tools At Heights

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Squids Connectors Series

St. Paul, Minn. (February 27, 2014) – Ergodyne has announced today the expansion of their Squids® Lanyards Collection to include the highly anticipated Squids® Tool Connectors Series. A revolutionary solution for tools that don’t have safe tethering points built into their anatomy, this new series provides workers with a variety of unique options to easily and safely create a secure attachment point for tethering – ensuring the utmost in objects at heights safety.

Tool Connector Models

Instructional videos can be found on our Video Learning Page.

  • Squids® Tape Traps // How To Tether Tools
  • Squids® Cold Shrink Traps // How To Tether Tools
  • Squids® Tool Shackles // How To Tether Tools


Each solution is third party-certified to Ergodyne’s toughest testing requirements and holds a 2:1 safety factor. Overcoming the current tool tethering complexity and mess, these connectors are time-saving, simple alternatives that allow the worker flexibility when tethering their tools.

“After carefully crafting these solutions, we found that there is no one-size-fits-all way to create a connection point for tethering,” said Nate Bohmbach, Ergodyne product manager and DROPS member. “We’ve produced an innovative series that allows workers to choose which tool connector works best in their unique environments.”

The Squids® Tool Connector Series is designed to assist the worker every step of the tool tethering process. One option for tethering tools without a connection point is using the combination of Squids® Tool Tails and Tool Traps. Tool Tails offer nylon webbing and shock absorbing elastic while providing fully encompassed cast hardware for a no-weak-point connection. When this Tool Tail is secured with either the Tape Traps or Cold Shrink Traps, the tool then has an easily replaceable but secure attachment point for tethering. The Tape Traps, an innovative 3M Technology, are designed to capture a connection point and create an enhanced grip – while the Cold Shrink Traps, another 3M Technology, introduce the industry’s fastest application for connection point creation and eliminate messy, tool-destroying adhesives. If you prefer a more permanent connection, Tool Shackles provide a one-step retrofit attachment allowing a quick and convenient connection point with a highly durable, corrosion resistant, stainless steel shackle.

“We set out to provide a solution for the vast majority of tools on the jobsite that don’t have a safe connection point for tethering,” said Tom Votel, president and CEO of Ergodyne. “Our new Tool Connector Series accomplishes just that with a safe and simple approach – now, there’s simply no excuse for an untethered tool at heights.”

Ideal for anyone working above 6 feet, the Squids® Tool Connectors Series is available now at all authorized Ergodyne Distributors. For more information, visit, email or call 800-225-8238 // (651) 642-9889.

Key Features:


  • Third party certified to Ergodyne’s stringent test requirements, passing with a 2:1 safety factor.

Tool Tails:

  • Plated connecting d-rings and o-rings are cast leaving no weak point in design
  • Materials for web tails and elastic choking loops include durable nylon thread, heavy duty nylon webbing and Shock absorbing elastic stretch cord.

Tape Traps:

  • Unlike silicone based self-fusing tape the thermoplastic elastomer makeup can be used in a variety of application.
  • Innovative 3M material technology provides enhanced grip on tools when applied.

Cold Shrink Traps:

  • Innovative 3M Cold Shrink technology captures tool tails without messy adhesive and the patent pending application requires no heat, attaching in seconds.
  • EPDM rubber is resistant to the elements and a variety of substances.

Tool Shackles:

  • One step retrofit attachment provides a quick connection point.
  • Stainless steel composition is corrosion resistant to last in the most extreme environments

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