11 Jul 18

Ergodyne Looks to Stop “Dropped Calls” with Three New Tethering Solutions for Electronic Devices

How to Safely Tether your Cellphone and Tablet At-Heights

St. Paul, Minn (July 12, 2018) – With peak construction season comes a surge in efforts focused on awareness, education and solutions to keep crews safe. In a move addressing the hazard of dropped objects, Ergodyne has announced the release of the Squids® 3760 Water Resistant Phone Pouch & Trap and the 3765 Water Resistant Tablet Pouch & Trap, designed to carry, secure and easily tether the essential electronic devices nearly every worker carries onto the jobsite.

The 3760 Cell Phone Pouch comes in two sizes, standard and plus. The standard size fits standard iPhones and standard Samsung Cell Phones. The plus size fits all large format iPhone Plus and Samsung Galaxy Plus cell phones. All are designed to fit phones and tablets with today’s bulky aftermarket cases.

“Dropped objects, including cell phones and tablets, are a major concern on any jobsite with work being done at heights,” said Brent Velenchenko, product specialist, Ergodyne. “And the new Squids® Cell Phone and Tablet Pouch & Trap ensure workers can tether their valuable electronic devices and have them right at their side – safe, secure and accessible.”

Devices slide easily into the water-resistant sleeve and are secured with a heavy-duty zipper. A clear touchscreen material on both the front and back of the pouch allows workers easy access and full functionality, whether it be talking, texting or taking photos.

A steel grommet on the bottom for attaching a Squids® Tool Lanyard completes the tethering system.

“Even off the clock it comes in handy,” continued Velenchenko. “It can be used to protect your phone while you’re camping, fishing, hunting, and boating.”

“We’re trying to do our part to help worksites stay ahead of the curve and set a higher standard,” said Tom Votel, president & CEO, Ergodyne. “And with the new dropped objects standard, educating work crews on solutions like these is only going to become more important.”

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