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13 Jun 16

Eyewear They Want to Wear

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Skullerz Eye Protection

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 2,000 workers a day suffer a job-related eye injury that requires medical attention. This despite the fact that most jobsites require the use of eye protection. Huh. A big part of bringing that number down is keeping workers compliant. Meaning: wearing their safety glasses at all times (when required and, perhaps, then some).

But for a variety of reasons – comfort, conditions, the cool-factor, etc. – workers continue to suffer eye injuries because they choose to forgo their specs and take the risk. We blame underperforming, low-quality specs.

The three primary reason glasses find their way off the nose and eyes they are protecting are size, style, and performance.

  • SIZE: If glasses don’t fit (and everyone knows one size does not fit all!), workers will look to remove them at every opportunity.
  • STYLE: No one likes to look silly, yet that’s exactly the look many traditional safety glasses deliver.
  • PERFORMANCE: Then there is that dreaded F word: fog. Everyone’s had that moment when they are focusing on the task at hand and before you know it, you’re fogged up like the backseat of a Chevy at a drive-in. Unlike the drive-in, however, you’re actually trying to see the scene.

Seriously though, it’s scenarios like this that result in workers taking their eyewear off momentarily to defog or just all together getting frustrated and tossing them to the side. Leaving them exposed.

We can do better. And you should expect more from your eyewear. But you’re not going to get it at rock bottom prices. The good news is, they don’t have to cost as much as Smiths or Oakleys either. We’re firm believers that cool drives compliance and eyewear is not the place to cut corners or costs. When you look at the average cost of an eye injury ($1,463) – not including days missed from work! – and weigh that against the cost of an average quality spectacle ($20-$50), it’s clearly worth the investment. And if workers want to wear them on the weekend, all the better.