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9 May 16

Giving Gear to Help Heroes

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Ergodyne donates a portion of Safety Glasses sales to Warfighter Made

When they aren’t busy being their badass, heroic selves, those who brave the battlefield like to do what everyone does in their spare time: have fun.

During Military Appreciation Month, we’re excited to announce a partnership with Warfighter Made, a California-based non-profit founded by veterans for veterans. It provides recreational therapy by adapting and customizing vehicles for ill, injured, and combat-wounded service members. As their slogan says, “Adapted to the injury … Customized to the soul!”

By engaging in recreational therapy, these wounded warriors get to indulge in a favorite hobby, take their mind off the stresses of life, and have a little fun … okay, a lot of fun. We dig it.

To show our support for this tremendous (and undeniably tenacious) cause, we’ve donated dollars and plenty of Tenacious Work Gear®, including gloves, safety eyewear, and more to protect these men and women as they take the wheel and hit the road.

More specifically, our donation will be used to help Gabe Martinez, a Marine veteran and a combat wounded double-leg amputee. The money will be used to trick out his black 2012 Dodge Charger with a supercharger, a big brake kit, wheels/tires, and a new suspension to ensure Gabe’s ride rocks as much as he does.

Plus, a portion of the proceeds from sales of our Skullerz® Kryptek® Highlander™ Safety Glasses in the month of May will go directly to these fine folks.

If you’d like to make a donation to their very worthy cause, we encourage you to visit their website.

It’s a small sacrifice for those who risked everything for the place we call home.