27 Sep 16

Meet Tenacious Tester Brian Bicknese

Tenacious Tester Spotlight - Unscripted, Unbiased, Unabashed [GPV id=3018] Tenacious Tester: Brian Bicknese Hanging from Tower
NAME: Brian Bicknese

INDUSTRY: 23-Construction 1505

JOB TITLE: VP Field Services

JOB DESCRIPTION: Strategic planning & overseeing vision of company’s internal teams

As a 16-year industry vet and member of the “rising” communication tower construction company Vertical Limit, Brian Bicknese knows how critical at-heights safety is. A Tenacious Tester for nearly five years, his biggest challenge is helping his crew do its job safely in inclement weather and he was particularly proud to take the business nationwide.

Recently, Brian took some time to answer a few of our questions.

1. Why did you sign up to be a Tenacious Tester?
Having the ability to provide actual feedback that a company listens to is pretty cool. When I first heard about the program, I thought, “Where do I sign up?!” In our line of work, great gear is critical and having a voice in the R&D [research and development] process is huge.

Tenacious Tester: Brian Bicknese Tower Climbing Using Ergodyne Work Gear
2. What has been your favorite Ergodyne product that you’ve tested so far and why?
That’s a tough one. I’ve had a lot of products in my gear bag, but I’d say being involved with tool storage solutions has been the most rewarding. To be able to design a tool storage pouch that no one else has and have something on the market that fits our needs perfectly is very rewarding.

3. How has being a Tenacious Tester changed the way you view safety products and workplace safety in general?
It has definitely made me look deeper into a product … how it works, how it’s made, how long will it last. It also makes me wonder how other companies get feedback or if they even have an end-user program.

Tenacious Tester: Brian Bicknese at Top of Tower Wearing Ergodyne Work Gear
4. Tell us about your proudest moment.
Well, there’s a few of them on the personal side: marriage, kids … same sappy stuff right? Professionally, we’ve built some pretty difficult, badass sites. But my proudest moment is the fact that we’ve designed a world-class training center where we provide world-class training to our teams – all in an effort to get everyone home safe at the end of the day. We want our guys to work safely day in and day out, and I’m proud that we live that.

Brian Bicknese Shot Buck with a Bow
5. What are you passionate about outside of work and why?
That’s easy … hunting! That and my family! Hunting gives me several things. Patience, competition, peace, strategy. Patience: Doing all the prep work that goes into hunting … waiting for opening day or the season to open and then it hits … that feeling is only overcome by recovering an animal that you were able to shoot. Competition: It’s man versus animal, which is pretty cool (using a bow evens out the competition even more!) Peace: It allows me to sit in the woods away from all distractions and enjoy nature as it was meant to be. Strategy: This is the ultimate chess game, doing your homework, to think like the game you are pursuing, tactical decisions you make on the fly, all very rewarding if successful (and stressful if not).