29 Nov 16

Meet Tenacious Tester Kirk Meyer

Tenacious Tester Spotlight - Unscripted, Unbiased, Unabashed

NAME: Kirk Meyer

INDUSTRY: 22-Utilities

JOB TITLE: Civil Engineer

JOB DESCRIPTION: Civil Engineer, Surveyor, & Construction Inspector

We don’t know what kind of student Kirk Meyer was in school, but we assume he wasn’t intimidated by tests. Now a civil engineer in California, Kirk tests and posts detailed written and video reviews of products – including Ergodyne’s Hard Hat Lanyard – on his blog CivilGear Reviews. His passion for safety is evident in his detailed and thorough reviews as he strives to improve workplace safety through the use of quality safety gear.


Recently, Kirk took some time to answer a few of our questions.

1. Why did you sign up to be a Tenacious Tester?
I was thrilled to see a safety products company actually care about and encourage user feedback (both positive and constructive) on their products and seeing that Ergodyne actually uses that feedback to innovate their products!

2. What has been your favorite Ergodyne product that you’ve tested so far and why?
I’m really excited about the new Squids® 3110F(x) Tool Lanyard; I love the improved performance, new clips and color scheme; it’s like it was made just for me ;-)! The product that was the most surprising was the wide-band hard hat lanyard. It has such a smooth buttery elastic design and is very comfortable to work with. I’m sure there’s more good stuff that I’ve yet to encounter, but looking forward to trying the new Trades work gloves, especially the touchscreen-enabled ones!

3. How has being a Tenacious Tester changed the way you view safety products and workplace safety in general?
Sometimes, taking safety seriously doesn’t always earn you kudos from your peers – it can even be alienating at times. But seeing so many testers and customers out there on fire for safety is super encouraging, and helps me know I’m not alone in my safety values. Also, being on the testing team helps me think critically about the products I use that keep me safe and organized on the job.

4. Tell us about your proudest moment.
I’d say that “on the job” there are more humbling moments then proud ones, but I’m pretty proud of leading a sewer manhole structural assessment team all around the forested town Hillsborough, Calif. and performed street-level inspections on more than 40 structures with no safety incidents. The job had us in the middle of the street, near busy schools, in backyards of multi-million dollar homes, on the local golf course greens, and on almost sheer cliffs! With such varied conditions, and sometimes having to walk far distances, it challenged my safety skills in many ways. Chief among those challenges was staying visible and safe in traffic, being able to transport a number of tools on foot, and staying hydrated. Other concerns were poison oak, loose dogs and errant golf balls.

5. What are you passionate about outside of work and why?
Jesus because He is my hope and my salvation. I’m also very passionate about my wife and two children (a 3-year-old boy and 1-year-old girl) as they bring so much joy into my life.