12 Jul 17

New Tool Pouches and Holsters From Ergodyne Give Workers At-Heights Secured Tool Storage

Arsenal Tool Pouches and Holsters

St. Paul, Minn. (July 11, 2017) – For workers at heights, tethering tools is only the first step. Those objects need to be stored safely and securely when not in use. That’s why Ergodyne has launched five new holsters and pouches for more ergonomic, convenient tool storage on a tool belt or fall protection harness.

“Storing tools with lanyards attached can be complicated for workers at heights,” said Brent Velenchenko, product specialist, Ergodyne. “Our new tool storage solutions offer unique ways to store and holster tools without having to worry about them becoming plummeting objects.”

The five new Arsenal® Tool Storage models include:

All five new models are made of a strong ballistic, ripstop polyester with two D-rings for tool lanyard attachment. Each different one has a modular buckle connection system on the back that connects to tool belts and fall protection harnesses without the worker having to remove them.

The pouches and holsters are third-party certified to 2:1 (dynamic) and 5:1 (static) safety factors, and there’s a reflective strip for added visibility. Tool lanyards can be attached to two D-rings on the holster for additional safety and security.

“With the first dropped objects standard forthcoming, tool storage solutions are only going to become more important,” said Tom Votel, president & CEO, Ergodyne. “We’re trying to do our part to help worksites stay ahead of the curve and set a higher standard.”

For more information or to purchase any of our Tenacious Work Gear®, email orders@ergodyne.com or call 800-225-8238 // 651-642-9889.

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