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18 Oct 17

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Anti-Vibration Gloves

St. Paul, Minn. (Oct. 18, 2017) – The effects of recurring hand/arm vibration may not be as immediate or visible as a cut or puncture, but just like those hazards, the damage can be both severe and permanent. That’s why Ergodyne has revamped its Anti-Vibration Series, introducing six updated and one new ProFlex® models made with an innovative technology for workers exposed to vibrating tools and equipment, and those who use tools and equipment that produce an impact or shock to the palm. Read More

10 Oct 17

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Hi-Vis Clothing

St. Paul, Minn. (Oct. 11, 2017) – In today’s world of increasingly distracted drivers, struck-by hazards know no season – they’re a year-round problem. That’s why Ergodyne introduced another innovation solution to its Foul Weather Gear Series today with the GloWear® 8388 Type R Class 3/2 Thermal Jacket Kit. This kit creates the ultimate 4-in-1 high-visibility jacket system by combining the 8386 Class 3 Outer Shell Jacket and the 8287 Convertible Thermal Jacket. Read More

7 Sep 17

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Cut Resistant Gloves

St. Paul, Minn. (Sept. 07, 2017) – On the heels of its first release of an ANSI/ASTM cut level A6 glove (the ProFlex® 812CR6) in April, Ergodyne has announced two more gloves featuring extreme cut protection. Both the ProFlex® 814CR6 Thermal Utility + Cut Resistance Gloves and ProFlex® 925CR6 Performance Dorsal Impact-Reducing + Cut Resistance Gloves deliver enhanced protection from cut and slash while maintaining dexterity and flexibility. Read More