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2 May 16

Setting a Standard for At-Heights Safety

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Safety Stand Down - Stop Construction Falls

Today kicks off the third annual National Safety Stand-Down, which runs through May 6, 2016. While it is a critical week for raising awareness and improving education about how to prevent falling people, there is another at-heights hazard that deserves just as much attention.

The primary focus of many at-heights safety programs is on the important mission of preventing dropped people. But according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, five percent of all workplace fatalities in the United States in 2014 – 243 people – were a result of struck-by accidents from falling object or equipment.

The fact is, these dangers exist in industries where tools are being used for at-heights work, including: aviation, construction, energy/telecomm; oil and gas; shipping; and more. Even fumbling seemingly innocuous small parts like nails and bolts can have a range of consequences from a loss of jobsite productivity to a loss of life.

However, changes could be coming soon. Recently, ISEA announced a new initiative to try and adequately address this emerging hazard. It seeks to create standardized solutions to protect workers from dropped objects – an effort that you can read more about here.

To that end, several top safety equipment manufacturers within the category – including us – are meeting in May, to review an early draft of a standard document. Stay tuned to our blog for any news and information that emerges from this initiative.