28 Aug 20

SPPS Food Delivery Worker

Delivering millions of student meals in the face of a global pandemic and oppressive summer temps.

Start with 90-degree heat and underwear-sticking humidity, add a school bus without air conditioning, a handful of unruly dogs and—because hey, why the heck not—sprinkle on a global pandemic for good measure. 

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17 Jun 20

Skin Protection

We’d like to take a moment to talk about the sun. You know, the life-enabling center of our universe and a muse for everyone from The Beatles to Sheryl Crow. But for all it giveth, it taketh away — and those who do not respect the sun’s almighty powers may ultimately find themselves in a world of skin damage. Read More

17 Jun 20

Chill-Its Industrial Coolers

St. Paul, Minn. (February 13, 2020) – Ergodyne announced a heavy-hitting addition to its Chill-Its® lineup with the launch of new Industrial Hard-Sided Coolers, available in both 48- and 17-quart sizes. This is the company’s first line of coolers. Read More

11 Feb 20

Chill-Its Cooling Product Additions

St. Paul, Minn. (February 13, 2020) – Ergodyne adds even more cooling power to its Chill-Its® lineup with the launch of six innovative products engineered to beat the heat. Read More

3 May 19

Heat Stress Guide

Weather patterns are changing. The planet’s getting warmer. And, in fact, all but three of the hottest years on record have occurred since 2000. On average, excessive heat causes 650 deaths in the United States every year. 39 of those took place on the job in 2016 – double the amount that occurred only two years prior. Read More

30 Apr 19

Chill-Its 6687 Dry Evaporative Cooling Vest

St. Paul, Minn. (April 25, 2019) – When it comes to keeping workers cool on the job, Ergodyne leads the way. Their new Dry Evaporative Cooling Vest offers up to three days of cooling, while keeping the wearer completely dry. Read More

19 Apr 19

Chill-Its Phase Change Cooling Vests

St. Paul, Minn. (April 19, 2019) — Ergodyne is changing the game when it comes to keeping workers cool in the heat with the launch of their new Lightweight Phase Change Cooling Vest. Designed to be 30-60% lighter weight than other cooling vests on the market, this vest maintains temperature of 59 degrees F (15C) for up to two hours when activated. Read More

12 Apr 19

SHAX Tent Additions

St. Paul, Minn. (April 12, 2019) — Ergodyne has announced the addition of three new item to its SHAX® line of portable work shelters. The SHAX® line features a number of pop-up tents and accessories designed to go up quickly and easily to provide shade and shelter at a jobsite. Read More

3 Apr 19

Chill-Its 6690 Cooling Arm Sleeves + Chill-Its 5151 and 5152 Water Bottles

St. Paul, Minn. (April 4, 2019) — Ergodyne continues to expand its line of heat-beating Chill-Its® products. Innovative cooling arm sleeves and two new thirst-crushing water bottles are the newest additions to the Chill-Its® lineup. Read More

9 Apr 18

Hi Vis Summer Products

St. Paul, Minn. (April 5, 2018) – As outdoor work increases with the temperature, Ergodyne has announced a new addition to its GloWear® Hi-Vis Apparel Line to help workers be seen and stay cool. Read More