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23 Aug 16

The Case for Hydration Packs in the Workplace

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Hydration Packs

Like ice cream and the first season of True Detective, it may seem impossible to believe that people could dislike hydration packs. But believe it or not, there are those who doubt their utility. Critics complain hydration packs are heavy, hard to refill, difficult to clean, that the tube gets warm, and so on.

We at Ergodyne, however, think know there is a compelling case to be made for providing workers with hands-free hydration to carry on the job. And we are here to arm you with the straight dope.

Keep this in mind when considering hydration:

  1. Convenience: Workers don’t have to get a bottle out, unscrew it, drink, put the cap back on, and put it away. So they may drink more frequently because water is more readily available. When the bladder is empty, the hydration pack can be laid flat or squished/smooshed and easily stored.
  2. Temperature: New CalOSHA state regulations require water that is “cooler than ambient air” be made available every 15 minutes. Water in the insulated bladder and tube of a hydration pack is kept cooler longer.
  3. Weight: Hydration bladders are generally lighter than water bottles. Water is heavy and the best way to carry it is on your back. Hydration packs also generally hold more water than a water bottle, which reduces the number of necessary refills. A user is also able to customize their pack weight based on their daily hydration needs.
  4. Pump: The versatile hydration pump can be used in a number of ways: to drink without placing mouth on bite valve, spray faces or bodies to cool off, wash hands/tools/equipment, etc.
  5. Cleaner: Sharing a spout on a communal water jug can spread germs easily. With hydration packs, germs are limited to a person’s own particular bite valve (or better yet, pump) – and many include an anti-microbial treatment There are also hydration pack cleaning kits available for those wanting to deep clean their packs on a regular basis.

If that wasn’t enough, giving your crew individual hydration packs may encourage increased activity outside of work – and a happy and healthy crew is a productive one. So what are you waiting for? Operators are standing by …