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2 Aug 16

Why Portable Shade Matters

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Portable Shade

The iconic Willie Nelson song “On the Road Again” may have been about his life as a traveling musician, but it also describes the working conditions of many who make their hay on the highways and byways, construction sites, farms, towers, rigs … (you get the picture!) Fact is, workers who don’t spend their days penned in a cubicle need a place to take shelter when the scorching sun starts to feel like they’re working under a heat gun.

Thankfully, there’s portable shade. Temporary structures like pop-up tents and umbrellas can be erected at outdoor worksites to give workers a break from the unrelenting Mr. Sun. Besides being a workplace best practice, providing crews with shade is the law in some states.

In California, state regulations dictate that employers must provide shade for workers …

  • Once the temperature hits 80 degrees
  • To 100% of the employees on break
  • For at least five minutes whenever workers need it

For more details on the Cal/OSHA heat illness prevention regulation, download and read this free tech bulletin.

Since many outdoor workers who are frequently exposed to harmful UV rays also use a truck on the job, a portable work shelter – such as a Lightweight Industrial Umbrella inserted into an Umbrella Trailer Hitch Mount – can provide instant and much-needed shade. You can even leave the tailgate open with this one!

At many jobsites, working under direct sunlight is unavoidable. However, people can still get burned as well as suffer heat stress on cloudy days because of high temperatures and UVB rays – sunlight’s most damaging component which can reach the skin indirectly and cause serious health complications like skin cancer. So even when forecasters call for cloudy with a chance of meatballs, putting up a tent or umbrella stops the unseen UV rays and provides a safe resting spot for workers to re-energize, hydrate, and hit the road again at full-strength.