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Jacob Meng

  • City Of Blue Lake
  • 22-Utilities 1504
  • Utility operator
  • Public works department for the city of Blue Lake Ca. I work in the water department, waste water and sewer dept. Streets and facility maintenance dept. and grounds keeping dept.
  • My job varies every day. I can be operating heavy equipment, grounds keeping , doing construction, paperwork in the office, plumbing, traffic control, sewer maintenance, asphalt repair, vehicle mechanics, water system maintenance, you name it, if a city is responsible for it, I do it at one time or another all the time.

  • I have worked for the city for a little over seven years now.

  • The biggest challenge for me personally at my job is staying cool during the summer months, and warm enough during the winter.

  • I am responsible for reading every water meter in the city's water system. It would take the previous employee tasked with this duty a full week or more every month to read all the meters. Last month I was able to decrease the time it takes to complete the job down to two and a half days by rearranging the walking sequence from meter to meter. In doing so, I have become more efficient at the task and freed up at least 3 more days a month of my time for other projects throughout the town.

  • The city provides the bare minimum and cheapest possible option for safety gear of any kind. I would have to say that my biggest need would have to be either temperature control, or hearing protection. I am constantly fighting off being too hot to the point of feeling sick during the summer months, or so cold I feel like a popsicle during the winter. I also have pretty poor hearing so when I am around loud equipment, which is on A daily basis, I struggle to be able to understand what my coworkers/spotters are saying to me.

  • I always try to stay positive. I like to look for the "bright side" of things. I like to set goals/challenges for myself and my crew to meet or beat by certain times every month. I like a challenge. Nothing is ever too hard, it just has to be earned. I was raised to picture what you want to have/get/be and do whatever it takes to make it happen.


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