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Jacob Cote

  • Milltown Woodworks
  • 81-Public Service (Fire, EMS, Police) 1520
  • Part time woodworker/full time law enforcement officer
  • I am a full time law enforcement officer in the great state of Florida. I'm currently assigned to beach duty.
  • My typical day begins with driving to work. During my shift I end up doing alot of walking and getting out with people out on the beach. During the summer months we spend a heavy amount of time on the shad riding atvs.

  • I've been in law enforcement for 5 years and woodworking since I was a child.

  • Biggest challenges come when people wanna fight with us and when it starts to get really hot. Gotta stay cool somehow.

  • Most recent thing I'm proud of doing is catching a burglar that broke into a house. Wrestled with him on the ground.

  • Part of my safety are a good pair of boots, or shoes. Sunglasses and hats are a must during the summer months. And when it gets cold, yes florida gets cold. I utilize jackets and beanies to stay warm.

  • Part of being in law enforcement it is a must to keep busy and be persistent with people. Gotta always be focused and search for the crime.


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