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Katie Dobbs

  • California High Speed Rail
  • 23-Construction 1505
  • Quality Coordinator/Lead Inspector
  • Currently overseeing 5 Quality Inspectors. Field inspections include: drilled shafts, subgrade compaction and preparation, embankment construction, reinforced concrete, box culverts, bearing pads, etc. In addition determining the disposition of all nonconformities and implementation of corrective and preventive Actions.
  • Typical day begins at 4am with drilling 78" diameter holes with a depth of over 100ft. Hole will have some confined space system and shoring system to keep it open so I can inspect the integrity and soil material. I move on to check rebar cages and tie wire pvc tubing on for inspection of gamma gamma logging. Move to checking mse walls where the height varies per location. use a man lift or whatever is available to verify surrounding utilities are properly disconnected. Climb up on bridge decks to check it is in spec. Weld possible defects with the rebar in the bridge deck. check box culverts using smart level or psl. I could go on if you would like more detail.

  • 11 years

  • Finding women's work wear or trying to adjust to the high dry heat in the summer with so much gear i have to carry. My life would be easier if I had some type of pack that could carry all my tools. Like a rucksack, but better?

  • Hope the link works. If not the, check the California High Speed Rail twitter or instagram page for the special on me.

  • Orange Class 3 vests (with sleeves), safety harness and tie offs, gloves (welding, heat resistant to handle crude oil).

  • Only using and wearing tenacious gear. Not only am I woman in construction, but I also am a woman in a supervisor position. I only want to use and wear the best gear. Same goes for my team.


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