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Chris Earley

  • Capital Electric
  • 22-Utilities 1504
  • Groundsman & Operator
  • Build Intersections - signal lighting & construction of the structures of signal lights. Distribute electricity throughout the city. Also use a dry vac hose which spouts out 220 psi of hot air
  • Pretty much what was listed on the job description, I work with a crew of 5 guys who have been hand picked by the company to handle jobs for MODOT. We work beside traffic and highways, and I drive one of their biggest trucks they have and bring the structures they need and poles to put up intersections.

  • 4 years

  • Heat ! Heat ! Heat ! Sweat burning and running down my face from my hard hat. I use a bandana to try and catch the sweat but it only works for so long. I was diagnosed with MS almost 3 yrs ago and I drink alot of water and electrolytes but I have had a MS flair up because last year our summer was very hot.

  • In my line of work if you dig in the wrong place people can die. I recently stopped a co-worker from digging into a main power line. I noticed the dirt was a different color because it had been disturbed. I most likely saved his co-workers life.

  • The company I work for, Capital Electric is very safety conscious and they have meeting about that very topic a lot. The main thing is wearing hi-vis colors when working. That is why I think the vest you offer with the cool packs would be excellent for me, so I could just wear it over a t-shirt.

  • I like to problem solve and I have good communication with my team. I definitely measures twice and cuts once!


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