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noah racette

  • logterman llc
  • 23-Construction 1505
  • install supervisor
  • I install sheetmetal ductwork in residential homes and commercial spaces. I do boiler piping for residential heating systems.
  • Leave from the shop, drive to job and set for the day, could be commercial sheetmetal, threading pipe, or running around in a new construction house just depends on the day.

  • 14 years

  • Staying organized to maintain efficiency, and being able to multitask to keep several guys/jobs busy at the same time.

  • A large exposed spiral piping job for a office buildout in a warehouse space. Duct all hung 15’ above floor. All the duct design and layout was done by me including relocating of a 3” welded gas main. All that while the warehouse was still being used so there was ‘civilian’ traffic around the whole time.

  • Good and comfortable Basic ppe, so its easy to use and convenient. Also tool storage to keep from dropping items while working from heights.

  • Keep up with the industry through social media to always be at the edge of what’s new.


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