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Bradley Gardner

  • Matt Baatz Welding Repair
  • 21-Mining & Oil & Gas Extraction 1503
  • Helper/Apprentice
  • Help to install and repair various different requests that come to us such as fixing a bucket in a loader or fabricating and putting up a catwalk.
  • Going to the shop to get whatever supplies we need for the day and then heading out to the job site. If it’s repair work well typically go to the site first to see what we will need.

  • I’ve been doing this for 4 months since I graduated high school.

  • Leaving all of the technical terms and various techniques and tools that we weren’t taught in our technical school.

  • My boss was confident enough in my abilities to send me up north to sub contract to one of his friends for 3 weeks.

  • Fall protection and tool lanyards when working at the top of silos or using a man lift. Fire resistant clothing because we mainly do welding work. Safety glasses and ear protection. We also wear hi-viz clothing to comply with safety standards.

  • I always stay alert and look around for any danger. I also try and plan ahead for the job we are doing.


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