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Tommy Webb

  • Dueco
  • 31-Manufacturing 1506
  • Installation Mechanic
  • I'm a former automotive mechanic and installation mechanic at a manufacturer of bucket trucks and diggers. I've recently changed careers and now am applying my mechanical background in the aviation industry
  • Currently performing repairs to aircraft components. Former ASE certified master tech for over 20 years with a recent background in hydraulic pumps and PTO installations on Utility vehicles

  • Turning wrenches for over 30 years

  • My biggest on the job challenge at the moment is learning the ins and outs of the aviation industry and how to apply my mechanical experience in a new career

  • Mounting a subframe on a Ford F550 for a 45 foot aerial lift . Ford has holes in the chassis and fuel lines that make getting the correct amount of huck bolts in the sub-frame a difficult task that requires precision placement of the mounting holes.

  • I comfortable pair of safety glasses that provides clear vision and a good pair of gloves that offer high dexterity are a must in my current position.

  • I pride myself on quality work. Even when pressure to get a job completed in a hurry exist my number 1 priority is always to do the job right. I feel any job I do is my reputation. I'm constantly working toward quality work rather than settling for something that is "good enough".


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