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Michael AtKisson

  • Gerdau
  • 31-Manufacturing 1506
  • Multicraft Maintenance Technician
  • Job - Installation, maintenance and repair of automation and electrical control equipment for steel manufacturer. Home - Builder, artist, vintage machine refurbishment.
  • Anything from sitting, crawling, climbing, pushing, pulling, driving, lugging tools, operating elevated work platforms, dust, grease, heat, cold, damp... each day can be different.

  • Current post - 14 yrs

  • Understanding and maintaining the relationships between multiple, complex systems.

  • Design and installation of water level control systems across all Melt Shop area cooling towers. Eliminated unreliable equipment and standardized equipment across all locations, making service and maintenance much easier, and less needed.

  • My needs range as such: fall protection/prevention, respiratory protection, head/face protection (eye glasses, faceshields, helmet-integrated welding hoods, hardhats, head socks for winter), disposable coveralls for high dirt/grease areas, gloves of all stripes, metatarsal footwear, hi-vis and FR clothing, hydration, body temperature management (depending on season), lockout/tagout/tryout devices, etc.

  • My stage show includes a trick where I soak my beard in alcohol and light it on fire...well no, not really, but that would be a good answer.


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