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  • Nestle Canada & Oak River Contracting
  • 23-Construction 1505
  • Manager/Owner
  • I am the Service Manager for Nestle Canada for their Beverage Division, as well as I own and operate a General Contracting company that specializes in construction management and landscaping. Am also a Lieutenant with my local fire dept.
  • My days are always different. It can be computer based, shop based or field based. When landscaping or firefighting, its very labor extensive. As a lieutenant for my local fire dept, I will see all kinds of emergency situations.

  • Service Manager for Nestle - 6 years Firefighter - 6 years General Contractor/Landscape - 14 years

  • Keeps hands clean and dry, but also comfortable. Tool storage issues. Safety related concerns for protecting head, hand and eyes. Hot and cold management.

  • Currently leading a sustainable energy project in my community where we will use local private funding to provide solar and co-gen equipment to a local museum, allowing them to be carbon neutral.

  • PPE for hands, feet, knees and back. Body cooling and heating issues.

  • I am always active, and always looking for innovative ideas that will make my day easier and safer. Being the dad to 2 super cool kids, I want to do what ever it takes to come home safe and uninjured so they can spend the time with me they deserve.


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