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Marcus Michaud

  • Driftwood Tree Service
  • 11-Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting 1502
  • Owner/Arborist
  • Removal and pruning of trees in backyards, roadside, around power lines
  • Removing or pruning trees year round. I climb trees everyday. I wear gloves, sweat protection, high viz, chainsaw pants, safety boots. In the winter I wear high viz jackets. Sometimes we remove trees near hydro and require FR clothing.

  • 5 years

  • In the summer, finding a pair of gloves that will grip the ropes well but are not too bulky and can with stand abrasion from rough bark, staying cool. In the winter time finding a pair of gloves that are warm enough to continue working but not too bulky to use chainsaws and still tie knots.

  • We removed a large oak tree over a house, we swung most of the branches over the house and down into the yard without damaging any property.

  • Safety glasses, hard hat, safety boots, chainsaw pants, cut resistant gloves, high viz

  • By wearing the proper ppe!


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